<p>Hey everyone, I need your help. I found out within the last couple of days that I am accepted into the BS/MD programs at SBU/GWUSM and VCU/MCV. I love them both. In fact, they were both my top choices! Now I don't known which one to choose. Though both programs only want me to respond by May 1st, I would like to reply quicker so that someone who was waitlisted for either program may have a chance.</p>

-4 Years at St. Bonaventure University near Olean, NY.
-Presidential Scholarship; I end up paying ~$15,000 a year
-No MCATs, maintain a 3.3 GPA
-Medical School at The George Washington University</p>

-4 years at VCU in Richmond
-No scholarship money yet; ~$25,000 a year
-No MCATs, maintain a 3.5 GPA
-Medical school at the Medical School of Virginia</p>

<p>Can someone give me some pointers so that I can choose the better of the two?</p>

<p>i'm really leaning towards SBU/GWUSM</p>

<p>i dont know much about it but i'll go to sbu/gw</p>

<p>mhm, ic...thnx jashbela</p>

<p>vcu campus is not great,atleast people say, and i dont know about gw vs mcv at all.congrats</p>

<p>i know someone that is going to the SBU/GW program next year</p>

<p>darealfoo: if you want you can contact him and talk to him about it. Don't think he uses College Confidential.</p>

<p>I heard MCV was among the top schools for emergency med. Anyways, when I visited VCU, I thought the campus was not bad at all, and I thought it was pretty awesome how GMed students get singles w/ private bathrooms at the West Grace dorms. On the other hand, GW med school is probably better than MCV overall. Although I don't like SBU very much.</p>

<p>himandude, that'd be good...does this person have AIM?</p>

<p>thecoolchica, i thought it was nice too, i liked the single rooms a lot...but GW is very nice...</p>

<p>I pm'ed you</p>

<p>St. Bonaventure / George Washington all the way!</p>

<p>I am very interested about this program. What is so special about it?</p>

<p>Highf1yer are you in the program?</p>

<p>Got in a few days ago. Great program with a really nice medical school. Can you pm me the info too?</p>

<p>I pm'ed you highf1yer</p>

<p>thanks for everyones help...i am pretty sure sbu/gw is for me...</p>

<p>VCU is ranked 66 and GW is ranked 87 according to <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>tru, both schools have MCAT scores of 10 in each section (average), GWU has an average gpa of 3.6 and vcu 3.55...honestly, i think schools within the range are all the same...</p>

<p>VCU and GW are drastically different in their approach to medicine.
VCU offers you research and clinical opportunities, whereas GW focuses all on the clinical aspects of being a doctor. Not to mention VCU has this new initiative to dedicate more money to medical research--pretty exciting to be headed there if thats where you choose.</p>

<p>I suppose its all about opportunity. If ur sure you wanna be a clinician, then GW is OK. But VCU is just as good and offers you more options--MD, MD/PhD. Plus, im pretty sure VCU tuition is cheaper, lol.</p>

<p>**I was also considering GW and VCU. I'm going away from the SBU/GW program because i wanted to do research, which is nonexistent at both places.</p>

<p>i agree GoBroncos, but GW does have close ties with NIH, etc. I really like GW's clinical approach to medicine. The fact that the hospital's 6th floor is dedicated to med students and that GW med students start clinical rotations (on annies) their first year of med school is great. VCU is def. cheaper b/c i believe it is a public medical school (sry if I'm wrong.)</p>