SCA National Crew 2014

<p>I applied for a national crew with the Student Conservation Association in December, and still haven't found out if I got in. Has anyone else recieved placement yet? I know applications will be reviewed from early March to April 1, so hopefully I will know soon so I can plan my summer! Also, did anyone do SCA last year/ what was your experience like?</p>

<p>My daughter has also applied, and like you, is waiting and has not heard a thing. She is also anxious to plan and has other options on hold for her summer. My son was on a crew summer of 2012 and absolutely loved the experience. Everything was very well organized and he met some great leaders and fellow students. I hope we all hear soon!</p>

<p>I ended up on the waitlist, which I guess I’m sort of ambivalent about. Did your daughter end up hearing anything? And do you think you could share a bit more about what your son’s experience was like?</p>

<p>My child received an email on April 1 that said that he was a “top candidate” and that he would most likely be placed, but the email said that he might not hear until May 15. Did any of you receive this email and have you been placed since then? He is eagerly waiting to hear every day, but so far - nothing. Are others of you in this position? Also, can anyone reading this thread tell us about your experience with the National Crew. Seems like a good organization, but would like to hear about individual experiences, both good and bad, if possible.</p>