SCAD Accepted students class of 2025

I have been looking for a message board for SCAD Class of 2025 accepted students with no luck, so I thought I would start one. My daughter just received her acceptance letter but no news on scholarships, grants or anything financial. Has anyone else received any of this information?

My son received an acceptance email on 2/18 for Computer Animation. We received a letter detailing the financials less than a week later as well as some updates on the 28th. You should know something very soon.

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Hi, I am a senior in high school who was accepted and enrolled for SCAD’s class of 2025. We received our financial aid estimate about 1 week after our acceptance, and continue to contact our admission counselor for new up-to-date estimates. Try contacting your admissions counselor!

Thanks everyone! We finally got the estimate. Then a couple of weeks later, they took off another few thousand. I wonder if this will keep happening…I wouldn’t mind at all! :slight_smile:

My daughter is also planning to attend SCAD for animation . What is dorm you guys are considering

What were her stats? My daughter will be applying in the Fall.

What were his stats?

My daughter is planning to attend as well (in illustration) and hoping for somewhere in The Hive.

We have selected The Hive as well as first choice