SCAD Admissions Class of 2026

Anyone applying to SCAD Atlanta for Fall 22? My daughter is applying. ACT 31 and weighted gpa 93.5% for Fashion Marketing.
hoping for a quick response back from scad. She applied last week. do you know how quickly they get back? website says 2-4 weeks.

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Under 3 weeks usually. She will get in and should be offered some merit. Her HS needs to send her transcript, etc…so make sure they have the prompts to do so.

There are some ways with SCAD to get additional scholarship money by submitting things that were optional on the application, like this:

Got the acceptance today. We applied exactly three weeks ago. Awaiting the packet.



My daughter got her admission email yesterday! She submitted her application 3 weeks ago today. She’s so excited, this is one of her top choices for college! I love that SCAD has rolling admissions and that we’re not waiting until late March to hear from them.


My D Got accepted yesterday as well! This is one of her top choices, I am just concerned about cost…
Also not super happy about the IB DP college credit situation, in no way is a 3 on an AP test the same as a 5 on an IB test.
Still we will make the trip from Michigan to check it out.

She would like to join Drumline, anyone have information on that? Is it super competitive?

did you ever end up getting your packet with any scholarship information?

No word on Scholarship info yet. We have set up a Zoom call with her admissions person for next week to ask questions about many topics including scholarships. Wondering what to expect with a 3.7/4.0 GPA, IB Diploma and decent to good portfolio.

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I remember my son getting a few scholarships in stages in the fall after getting accepted.

Looks like just the IB gets her $3000 to $15,000.

Based on what I can tell, on average, they offer about $15,000 to $20,000 off the total price. There are a few full scholarships, but those are rare.

Annual Cost by household income is helpful to look at to see what the real prices are. They are not winning awards for assisting low and middle class families at SCAD.

Household income Average cost after aid
Less than $30,000 $39,498
$30,001–48,000 $39,701
$48,001–75,000 $43,212
$75,001–110,000 $44,137
More than $110,001 $43,936

By comparison, a similarly priced college that meets full need looks like this:

Household income Average cost after aid
Less than $30,000 $3,965
$30,001–48,000 $3,525
$48,001–75,000 $8,529
$75,001–110,000 $15,085
More than $110,001 $38,132

We spoke with our admissions gal last week, and she mentioned a lot of scholarship information will be going out within the next month. So we should be hearing something here shortly.

D applied 2 weeks ago, haven’t heard anything yet, not even a link to portal. When were you able to submit portfolio for scholarship consideration? Do they not open that until you’re officially accepted? Don’t want her to get excited with acceptance when we have no idea of the cost yet but seems like that’s what it will be? Do you hear acceptance by email and then by letter in the mail?

Why would those making more than $110+ be paying less than those making $75K? Maybe that’s flopped in your chart? Or maybe the $110+ is supposed to be much higher?

If you have completed an application, you can go to and upload your portfolio/audition info. That is what my daughter did. She has not heard from them but it has only been a week. Presumably everything was submitted without an issue. We hope……


Hi, That is just the reality of how the aid lands at some schools. It is an average based on the numbers of students in those ranges.

This article helps explain some of it.

There can be families making more than $110,000 who have children who are offered more merit than someone making $75,000.

Here is the college score card for SCAD with a more recent year of data, similar trend.

Just got our D’s scholarship info today. We got a call and email. Very exciting! Still nervous about the sticker shock even with the scholarship. Praying another school comes in with a full ride somewhere. Although scad is one of our D’s top picks.


Received Scad acceptance today, less than 2 weeks from submission. Waiting on merit scholarship info.

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Applied 10/30…nothing yet

That is interesting. I would double check with them that they have received any other supporting info. I don’t know what they require but I do know my daughter applied last may but didn’t receive her acceptance until 10days after her counselor sent her transcript and letter of recommendation. I think it’s worth reaching out to your admissions rep.


so in case anyone else is awaiting a decision (with a 3.86 unweighted gpa too) it took 27 days to hear and that email was discovered in spam folder. No word on scholarship yet.

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have you received merit scholarship info yet? I was accepted 11/26 and still nothing on scholarships. Looks like you were accepted 24 days ago so curious if you’ve received something yet? I guess I got admission 14 days ago.