SCAD Scholarship

Hey guys I was accepted into SCAD for BFA fashion design and received a scholarship for 4K/ year. Quite stressed now as I am hoping for an acceptance to Parsons and think that if I only received a 4K scholarship from SCAD my chances at parsons are pretty slim. Any thoughts you guys have on this would be great. thanks So much

Read up on SCAD and the benchmarks for KEEPING the scholarship. While SCAD has some great majors and many alums speak highly of it, make sure you are aware of their issues.

There is a bad rep of students starting with great $ aid packages as freshman, but then being unable to keep up the much higher grades than ‘normal’ scholarships at other schools expect…then if you can no longer afford full tuition at SCAD, you may be lose all that money/time/effort trying to transfer since other colleges do not necessarily accept credit for their classes since they’re not NASAD approved.

@ArtAngst Thank you so so much for this! I wasn’t aware of this at all! super helpful, I really appreciate it!