SCAD vs. Clemson Bridge Program. (architecture.)

<p>Okay, so I recently received my letter from Clemson University, and unfortunately I only made it into their bridge program for tri-county. I have been accepted to SCAD's architecture program and was wondering if anyone could help to point me in the right direction of where to go. So far I have received an $8,000 scholarship from SCAD, which takes care of basically room and board, and I'm planning on submitting my portfolio for an artistic scholarship which ranges anywhere form $1,000 to $15,000. I live in SC, so naturally, the more affordable option is Clemson, however my parents have asked me if I still want to go to SCAD and it sounds like they are willing to pay the extra money. I know Clemson is a great school for architecture, however I don't know if I want to wait an entire year to even begin the program. Also I have wanted to be an animator in the past and know SCAD has a great animation program, and this will allow me to change my major if it turns out I'm not the biggest fan of the architecture. Please give me any and all information, statistics, and personal experiences you have had concerning these two schools. Thanks! :)</p>

<p>I believe that Clemson bridge students are not guaranteed admission to the architecture program (Frequently</a> Asked Questions : Clemson University) so you might want to ask about that. If that is the case, go to SCAD.</p>

<p>yeah, it is true that it is not guaranteed that you will be admitted to the architecture program since there are so few spots. i have recently been reading reviews on SCAD, and I am seeing quite a lot of negative reviews regarding safety, as well as not being able to get a job after graduating. if anyone has been to SCAD, please inform me of your experiences. Thanks :)</p>

<p>to be honest, being an architecture major right now is tough because of the economy. You'll work really hard during school and then it's tough to find a job. I think I saw a list somewhere where it was one of the hardest majors to find a job in.</p>

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