Scale for ACT?????

<p>Where's the scale or scoring system for the ACT???? I would like to know how many you can get wrong on each section to get an X in that section... Anyone know where one is online?</p>

<p>Anyone who wants to know how the Act scale is achieved, I found this online:</p>

<p>"The raw score is then converted into a scale score. There is a scale score for each test: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning, ranging from 1 to 36. The system of converting a raw score into a scale score varies slightly from one test battery to another, since the test forms vary slightly in difficulty. If you get a slightly harder ACT, the score conversion table for your exam will be a little easier. You'll be able to get a couple more questions wrong while still earning the same scale score. The test-makers have an elaborate system based on statistical theories for figuring out exactly how much they need to compensate for slightly harder or easier test forms. The idea is to make any given score represent the same level of difficulty no matter when or where the test is given."</p>