Scams You've Encountered

Wow very different from our experience.

That is so scary about the wire transfer!


I went on the social security site, and no way to get a PIN. Should I have gone on IRS site?

My kids are applying for a mortgage; imhi k they should go in person. That is so scary!

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Yes you have to apply with the IRS for the PIN because it’s what you will use to file taxes.

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How do you freeze 4? There are 3 major credit companies (Equifax, trans union and experian)

I’ve gotten that call too. just hang up,

Call from “Medicare services provider”. If I gave them my Medicare number they would save me money on a Medicare Advantage plan. LOL

There are 5 companies. The 4th I had filled out online but then couldn’t submit, so mailed it.
Biggest hassle is IRS. They don’t recognize me. I can’t get a PIN on-line. I tried a different route, but income has to be below $70,000 or so. Tomorrow morning I write a letter, include copies of SS card, drivers license. Oh yes, I’ve tried calling them dozen times. They always say to,call back. I could make an appointment with a local office, it that is a distance.

What are the other 2? There are only 3 credit bureaus.

Innovis and ChexSystems.

We were warned about this last year when we sold a house. H and I looked at each other incredulously, but the real estate agent was emphatic that this was happening and that we must be on guard. I am glad your sister acted quickly.

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I’m hoping the agency she worked with will be proactive in warning customers now.

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My son is In the process of buying a house. The mortgage company sent warnings of this scam.


Wow, never heard of those. I have my credit frozen with the top 3. Do we need to do these 2 also?

The phone number spoofing is out of control. Recently got a call from “Scripps Clinic,” Scripps being the second largest health care provider in San Diego. My doctors are with Scripps and I do have an appointment coming up, so I answered, and it was someone speaking very quickly about “American benefits” and I needed to call them back . . .

H and I have had our credit frozen for years . Normally, if we need to unfreeze, the bank doesn’t care which agency, and we’ve always unfrozen, easily, Experian and/or Equifax. Recently bought a car, on a lease, and the finance company required the credit check to be through Transunion. What followed was an absolute nightmare of my husband trying to do it online, didn’t work, had to call, long story short, he was on the phone for over an hour trying to do something that with the other agencies takes a couple of minutes at most. The salesman was apologetic; it was obvious they’ve had this issue before. We would have walked out without buying the car except we really liked it and car inventory is so low right now.

There are prevalent issues with real estate escrows. Every escrow company I’ve worked with over the last 4 years make you sign a document telling you to NEVER send wired money to anything via email or phone messages.

They have a physical piece of paper with the escrow/title company bank information.

For some reason our local title/escrow companies refuse checks or cashiers checks, they want money wired. But they were having fraud where someone would literally intercept their outgoing emails and insert their bank info. Could you imagine how awful that would be? Your entire down payment off to someone else?

Wonder if it happened to banks sending in the loan money to title/escrow??

It’s recommended on Bogleheads if you want to cover every base. I froze my credit with all 5 agencies back when the OPM breach occurred. Maybe it was overkill but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I froze H and my credit with all 5 agencies as well. Haven’t missed it either. We may be getting slightly less financial spam.

As I said above, my sister’s entire payment for the house (no mortgage–cash payment) went to someone else because of wire fraud. So, yeah, I can imagine. It was devastating. Thankfully it was caught in time and she got it back.

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Got a voice mail overnight from Melrose, Florida. Trying to figure out how to access that cash flow for my non existent business.

Also not sure many credit companies wish their potential customers a blessed day- Handmaids Inc.?

“Hi this is Katie calling with the funding department at quick fun capital I’m following up about a piece of mail we sent your company regarding a preapproval for a business line of credit up to $175,000 with rates starting at a 4.9% your personal credit score is not a factor this preapproval is based on your business industry and cash flow however it is imperative that I speak with you as soon as possible before the preapproval expires you can reach me directly at 888-521-7446 again my number is 888-521-7446 I look forward to speaking with you and I hope you have a blessed day…”