Scams You've Encountered

As a real estate underwriter at a regional bank, I order title work for loans that I am working on. Normally we close non-purchase loans in-house unless requested otherwise. Lots of the attorneys and title companies require that funds be wired. I have seen a couple of them lately where the wiring instructions were password protected and you had to call them for a password to even open them. The closers also contact the office doing the closing to match up the CD or HUD and wiring information gets verified before being sent. The loan administator or credit officer have to approve outgoing wires.

I could see where an individual sending payment for a transaction could be easily misled though.


If you are bored with me, stop reading now.

I spent an hour on phone with BOA correcting the scam of $4500, which was not done by ATM but. with a teller.
A few hours later, I get an alert from BOA that my checking account was now in the debit side, and they were paying from savings account. The amount? $888,880. For real. I didn’t have a 2:00 patient, so ran over in person. Hyperventilating. “I thought I had frozen and cancelled this account.” Turns out, BOA made that withdrawal so no one could gain access to that account. I still don’t understand why someone hadn’t told me that would happen.

Just hoping someone gains from my experience.

Family member was suckered into remote access tech support, they did not pay the $100+ wanted to fix the issue, but did allow remote access.
I am running Kapersky and thinking this is the catalyst to switch to a password manager, but what does one need to do to check on key loggers or other malware that could bite you later?

I highly recommend changing all of your important account passwords using a DIFFERENT computer.

I would treat this computer as a person with active asymptomatic covid. Quarantine. I would not use USB sticks to move files off this computer to another.


Isn’t Kapersky owned by Russians and possibly a vehicle for hacking in itself? Thought I read that somewhere. Correct me if I’m wrong. It stuck in my memory because at one time they were a sponsor of NE Patriots radio broadcasts and remembered their name when I read of the Russian connections.

I remembered reading that, too, but many of the online magazines and tech guides recommended it as the #1 option (Russian conspiracy??)