Scared about future at college

So basically I’m attending a University that I somewhat wanted to go to but I’m absolutely terrified. I’m super close with my family and I don’t really like the city I’m going to. I’m planning on transferring after 1st semester of college to go to a school in L.A. because I want to be a songwriter and I basically have to be there to do that. I really just want to enjoy college and I really just can’t imagine leaving my home. L.A. is still leaving my home but I’m there for a reason and I like that city a lot better. How do I focus on having a good time for the first semester then readjusting again and leaving.

What schools in LA are you targeting? Many will not accept Freshman transfers with only 1 semester of college under their belt. If you already plan to transfer before even starting your Freshman year, I suggest you take a Gap year and re evaluate your college list and look for schools in your target area that you could apply. Or consider going to a community college and then transfer.

Whatever happens in the future, I suggest you approach the coming school year, if you go ahead and go, as an opportunity to grow and learn and meet amazing people. It might not be ideal, but life rarely is. It’s the attitude that you bring to it that’s important. Maybe you’ll find that you love the people there, and the place once you get to know it. If not, learn from it and move on. Anyway, the people you meet will be excited to meet you, and probably to hear your music. Give them the best of both. Good luck!

Songwriters usually write from their hearts, using real life adventures and experiences as inspiration.

Strike out boldly and embrace the good and not so good of moving away from your family. Keep journaling your emotions and you might find inspiration for your songs.

You do NOT need to be in LA to be a songwriter (I have met a few students from the Berklee College of Music in Boston who would certainly disagree with the need to be in LA). To some extent you have to experience life to be a song writer – so that you can write about things that other people can relate to.

Being scared about going to university is normal. It is a big change in your life. However, when you arrive at university you will be surrounded by other students who are your age and are in the same situation. You will be in an environment which is intended to help young students get started in the first part of their life away from home. If you try then you will find friends at your university and will find a wide range of things to do there.

If you arrive at university intending to leave in a few months, you will have a lot of trouble fitting in and adjusting to life there. Transferring is not something that you can count on, and generally requires some time and success at your current school. Spending your life waiting to transfer is not a good way to live.

Did you apply to schools in LA and fail to get in, or find them not affordable? What school will you be going to?

Looking mainly at Pepperdine @DadTwoGirls

And I say I have to be in LA because I’m working with some important people out there. I’m not planning on trying to focus on transferring, I’ve just dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression in my life. Taking a gap year and community college are impossible because my parents won’t let me. I’m mainly scared of the city I’m going to, it’s just a very “unique” city lol but yea. I’m also scared of trying to balance everything out and not having my parents hep me with my major anxiety. I have a counselor so i’ll give that a shot. Is college really hard, or is it fine?