Scared for math 1a w/ Hald

<p>How hard is math 1a for people who get a 5 (sub 5) on the calc bc test? I am in Hald's lecture right now and I checked on pick-a-prof and his grading seems pretty brutal (less than 20% get A's). I don't want to switch into another lecture/discussion right now because I don't want to run the risk of not getting into math 1a at all. Is his class doable? HOW DO I KEEP MYSELF FROM FAILING?</p>

<p>The only fool-proof way to not fail math classes is to do a lot of problems, as the maxim that practice makes perfect applies very well here. My .02$.</p>

<p>yeah compared to olsson and agol he seems tough...i would take someone else if it weren't for the rigidity of my other classes :(</p>

<p>Olsson and Agol have more than 300 enrolled, but had has 230. I didn't enroll in Hald's class because I heard that he uses proofs. In Geometry, I remember trying to memorize proofs, but I don't really like them.</p>

<p>I checked pick a prof, also.</p>

<p>If you like proofs or can work hard, you should be fine (from what pick a prof and rate my professor says).</p>

<p>perhaps you can change math 1a into math 16a. because you've done calculus bc already, you have filled the math1a prerequisite of all majors already</p>

<p>Math 16a appears to be completely full as well! I seem to be stuck in this math class.</p>

<p>i feel REALLY stupid right now. i just dropped hald's class and dis sec. out of my allergy to calc proofs only to log on to telebears to find out that i am now #53 for olsson in a manual waitlist...i dont nderstand...there were still 90 seats open for his lec with NO course restrictions plus telebears said i was #3 for the dis sec did that become 53??? is 53 too far down the waitlist to get in? help</p>


<p>It's only the discussion section wait-list that matters, since the lectures are not close to being full. Basically, try to get onto the shortest discussion wait-list to have the highest chance of getting into the class.</p>

<p>thx whosthat1234...but the waitlist only had 10 spots and telebears says my position is 53...does that mean 53 are trying to get into that particular lec section and discussion?</p>

<p>His class is doable. I took his course last year in the Fall since his was the only one that fit in my schedule and did well in the course. I took AP Calc BC in high school, so Math 1A and 1B were both just review for me.</p>

<p>He's an entertaining lecturer, but the thing is that he lectures with proofs, so they don't really tell you straight out how to do well on his tests. A lot of people just end up not going to lecture. Make sure to go to the lectures right before the midterm and finals, because he does review problems during them. Be sure to keep up with the homework and do lots of practice problems. If you decide to take his class, and realize that you need help, just be sure to get it ASAP: ask your GSI, office hours, Student Learning Center, tutoring, etc.</p>

<p>yeah dude, i only took calc ab in high school, and only got a 4 (i was so mad about that!) and i got an a+ in 1A.</p>

<p>my study strategy was basically 3 or so nights a week i'd go down to late night at crossroads and buy eggs and a drink and do ****loads of problems for a coupld hours and drink a bunch of caffeinated soda and try to get the best theoretical understanding of it i could. just do a lot of the problems in the back of each section, where they ask theoretical stuff. the tests will be a lot of theoretical stuff and applications, and less of just like "take this derivative, find this limit blahblahblah"</p>

<p>oh also i went to lecture about 5 times the whole semester. all they do is prove **** doing crazy inane stuff that only the math super-geniuses and the prof himself understand.</p>

<p>also, dont ever worry about failing. if you do all your **** the worst you'll EVER get is a C. maybe a C scares you as bad as failing does--it certainly does for me--but you're not gonna fail. you got into berkeley; you're no idiot.</p>

<p>as a drunk fool once explained to me: "dude, math 1a is so easy!! why are you worried? they just ask you like 'take the derivative of this' " he was a little off, but the sentiment holds true.</p>

<p>lol they star out bad words</p>

<p>I've heard that Olsson is a good professor. How is he? Does he use proofs?</p>