Scared, help needed pls

<p>Hey guys quick question I'm a little scared here:</p>

<p>I applied to UCB and UCSD as a communcations major and UCLA and UCI as an Asian American studies major. My transferable gpa at the time of applying was 3.48, but after the update it went down to 3.31 and I got one D and three As in my fall semester. The D was in Precalc, and I retook the math course during the winter and passed w/ a C. I also stated on my update that I would take Calculus during the Spring (something I didn't note on my original app) to challenge myself. I calculated my gpa just now and w/ the replacement C, it's at 3.43.</p>

<p>I also didn't turn in my UCB update, since I pretty much knew that I'd get rejected anyway. I'm on track to finish IGETC except I don't have foreign language done. I'm taking my 2nd semester of foreign language during the summer. By the end of this Spring semester, I'll have 63 transferable units.</p>

<p>As for the prereqs, UCSD comm major doesn't have any and neither does UCLA's Asian American studies. I'm on track to finishing about 4/7 of UCI's.</p>

<p>Am I gonna get accepted to any of the schools I applied to?</p>

<p>UCLA maybe, I'm not too sure if they received your update after their deadline. You should call them.
UCB COMM major is quite capped, that D seriously murdered your chances a lot right there. I'd say chances are slim to be perfectly honest.</p>

<p>There's also an issue whether those schools even received your second update because I doubt your winter grades come out before the 15th of Feb deadline for Berkeley, SD, and UCI. </p>

<p>If I were in your position I would be shooting towards UCI or UCSD.</p>

<p>No, the schools didn't receive my winter grades</p>

<p>The IGETC foreign language thing might really put you back with UCLA. As for UCSD Comm, I have heard that it's not a really popular (impacted) major at UCSD. But this is for one college at UCSD, I have no idea as for the school overall. For all UC's but UCM and UCSC (there may be more) you must complete your IGETC by the Spring to help your chances to get in.</p>