scared of decisions= gap year possibilities?

<p>I’m thinking of doing a gap year – just thinking about it.
So this year: I applied to Purdue (accepted), UC,LA (rejected), UC,Berkeley (waiting), Notre Dame (wait), USC (wait), Vanderbilt (wait), Michigan (waiting)
Right now, Im really hoping that ill get into any of my other schools, in which case, I would not do a gap year.
However, in the case I would not get into any of my other schools, a gap year seems like a really good idea. I have always thought I would go to Purdue, but now im having second thoughts. So, I’m hoping a gap year would clear my head.
Here’s my basic application stats:
-GPA: 3.7uw /3.8w /3.86uc (very competive private school) (foreign language is mandarin)
-ACT:29, SAT2’s: 580chem 620 Math 2 (Sat2’s only reported to UC’s)
-EC: Include Varsity Ice Hockey (assistant captain grade 12), Travel Ice Hockey, Varsity Roller Hockey (assistant captain grade 12), prestigious youth symphony (grade 9-12), +200 hours of community service
About me: I live in socal and im caucasian =)
During the summer, im have the opportunity to study in china for 3 weeks (school program). Then, im staying in my uncles house in silicon vally and am doing an internship with a very prestigious software company. Im 85% sure that they would allow me to continue my internship for at least the entire year.
During this time I would really study hard for the ACT’s and SATii’s, hopefully, raising the scores to 33 and 700+, respectfully. Additionally, I would continue to play travel ice hockey, may help aid/assistant coach my high school’s JV Ice/roller teams, and also continue to learn mandarin at the local cc. However, I would (and have) quit the youth symphony.
Thus, this gap year would not only help me transition to college and being a little less dependant, but (hopefully) would help my application. I would apply to the exact same colleges (they may be very different colleges, but they’re my top choices).
Again, Im justing thinking. I think I would be successful at purdue, but im just thinking that this might be a better choice. Additionally, I would rather go to any of the other 5 colleges I applied to.
Of couse, time will answer a lot questions, but im curious for your feedback,

<p>dont worry about la, only four people from my school got in.
what led you to pick those schools? your application is really well built. i dont think you will have a problem, you should be able to get into one. What do you plan to do with hockey though? My boyfriend is a hockey player, planning on playing d3 next year. I was just curious, since you applied to a lot of california schools.. which isn't the best option for hockey.. the whole gap year thing sounds like a good back up but dont give up until you get your letters.</p>

<p>If you don't get into any of your favored schools, a gap year may help you get into others, but isn't likely to get you into the ones that rejected you. You can verify this perspective by looking in the archives for the tale of Andison who was rejected everywhere, took a gap year doing something interesting, reapplied to some of the same colleges plus some different ones. He was rejected again by the colleges he'd applied to before, but got into some other ones -- including top ones that gave him merit aid.</p>

<p>The original thread was called, "We're picking up the pieces what went wrong".</p>

<p>You've always liked Purdue and nothing has changed except your response from UCLA, so relax and remember that you are in where you've always wanted to go and you can always transfer if you are unhappy. Go Boilermakers!</p>

<p>Thanks guys, I really appreciate the comments.
Gymgirl: I picked these schools, mostly because i thought i would have the time of the world there. When i visited these school, i just felt like i belong there. I was raised in the midwest and then transfered to california during high school so I picked school mainly in the midwest and california. My plans with hockey, well, i love hockey. I live 'n' breathe it everyday; its my passion. However, i dont think i could ever walk unto a d3 team. However, i do believe i could walk on a university club team pretty easily (which all these schools 'cept ND have).
Northstarmom: thanks for the reference. Is it usually the case when a kid does a gap study and applies to same schools that he would get denied again? This would worry me if I were to persue a gap study. I also would plan to apply early to most of the schools and ED to vandy or NU.
However, In the end dntw8up is right. purdue has always been one of my favorite schools especially during march madness. However, the only thing that scares me is the large classes, TA's teaching the class, and the intense competitive nature for engineering.</p>

<p>"Is it usually the case when a kid does a gap study and applies to same schools that he would get denied again? This would worry me if I were to persue a gap study. I also would plan to apply early to most of the schools and ED to vandy or NU."</p>

<p>In the years that I've been on CC, I've seen posts by students who did this, and none got into colleges that initially rejected them (this also includes students deferred or waitlisted then rejected). This included students who did amazing things during their gap years.</p>

<p>If you really want a college with smaller classes and other different attributes than Purdue, and you don't get into any this year, then you could take a gap year -- and apply to some different colleges that have what you are seeking. Everything I've seen indicates that applying to the same colleges would be a waste of time.</p>