SCEA Decision Day?

When do you think decisions will come out? Is there any confirmed source? Some say December 10th or 11th…but the admissions office only says “by December 15th” on their website. Obviously the difference in a few days isn’t that big of a deal, but a confirmed date and time would be awesome!

By Ivy League rules all 8 ivy schools must notify RD applicants on the same date. That’s not true for EA/ED/SCEA applicants. Harvard’s SCEA notification date varies slightly every year, but sometime between now and the first week of December, Admissions will update the portal with that information.

There’s no confirmed source right now but the speculation about December 10 or December 11 comes from past precedent over the past 4 years of Harvard releasing decisions on the Thursday (or in one case, Friday) before December 15—aside from the time that December 15 was a Thursday; that time it was released on the 15th.

And of course December 15 is just the placeholder date for “some day in mid-December,” which is likely to change as @gibby said.