SCEA Delcaration?

I am applying to Harvard College SCEA and I have been searching on the CommonApp website and on the Harvard Admissions website for a form to fill out and sign declaring that Harvard is my SCEA school ... I haven't been able to find this form. </p>

<p>I read in Michelle Hernandez's 'Acing the College Application' that one should attach a letter with the SCEA Declaration and signature, if the college does not provide a SCEA form.</p>

<p>Does the Harvard SCEA Declaration Form that I have been searching for actually exist? Should I attach the extra letter of declaration?</p>

<p>Any help would be appreciated! Thanks</p>

<p>umm....through the common app website ur also supposed to fill out the harvard supplement, which has the declaration ur looking for as the first question</p>

<p>"Are you applying under:"
and u just select EASC or Regular</p>