SCEA Returns So Far

<p>Here are the data I've collected.</p>

<p>We had 129 people pledge to report decisions. So far, 78 have responded, 51 have not. </p>

<p>I have found 135 total responses in various threads so far. That means that 57 people have reported decisions without pledging to first.</p>

<p>Of 78 reporting pledgers so far:
29.5% accepted (23)
53.8% deferred (42)
16.7% rejected (13)</p>

<p>And of the 135 total reports:
29.6% accepted (40)
50.4% deferred (68)
22.2% rejected (30)</p>

<p>Compare this to Yale Daily News' overall SCEA data:
13.4% accepted (742)
47.6% deferred (~2645)
38.3% rejected (~2128)
~0.7% withdrawn/incomplete (43)</p>

<p>Not a bad correlation between the two reported data sets. Also significantly different than the numbers posted by Yale. My guess is there is some bias in these numbers (self-reporting, non-response) despite pledging, so take them with a couple grains of salt.</p>

<p>Any speculations? Feel free to do any significance testing.</p>

<p>Update: Add one more deferred pledger, one more deferred non-pledger, and one accepted non-pledger</p>


<p>I think there is also the fact that some people on CC might be more likely to be admitted. Being on the Yale board definitely shows you're serious and 100% commited. </p>

<p>But of course this cannot fully explain the results, as it could only alter them a bit.</p>

<p>i'm not sure if i responded or not</p>

<p>if i didn't then here's what i got -- deferred</p>

<p>Add 1 accepted non-pledger.</p>

<p>People who are deferred or rejected are probably less likely to report their admissions decision.</p>

<p>Current information:</p>

<p>There are now 166 total reports, 101 of which are pledgers, 65 of which are not.</p>

<p>That means 28 of 129 pledgers have not reported, a 78.3% response rate so far.</p>

<p>Of 101 reporting pledgers so far:
26.7% accepted (27)
53.5% deferred (54)
19.8% rejected (20)</p>

<p>And of the 166 total reports:
28.9% accepted (48)
48.2% deferred (80)
22.9% rejected (38)</p>

<p>Compare this to Yale Daily News' overall SCEA data:
13.4% accepted (742)
47.6% deferred (~2645)
38.3% rejected (~2128)
~0.7% withdrawn/incomplete (43)</p>

<p>Correlation between pledgers and overall is still tight, but not as tight. I find the 78.3% response rate encouraging for a survey, but it would be much more significant if data were random and not volunteered in anyway, pledged or not.</p>

<p>nicknack, thanks for tabulating all this data! although it's not necessarily significant from a purely statistical viewpoint, i think it nonetheless speaks volumes about the capability of CC applicants in general.</p>

<p>pledger right here-</p>

<p>rejected, was kinda upset so didn't post yesterday</p>

<p>Since more than a week has passed since admission results were announced, my son, nickknack, and I have compiled some statistics on the 128 posters who pledged to report their results before they were known in an attempt to get a true sample of CC participants by filtereing out possibly extra-motivated post-result admits.</p>


<li> We have collected posters’ data from across CC, not just SCEA or Yale threads, in order to get as complete a picture as possible.</li>
<li> Where ACT scores only are reported, we have converted the score to an SAT equivalent according to the recently update ACT-SAT concordance tables. Where both scores are reported, we have used the higher score. Posters that do not report scores are excluded from the SAT statistics.</li>
<li> We have been attentive to collecting AP score data but not so with IB scores. Any AP score reported we included, even if the poster indicated s/he was participating in IB. This should be kept in mind when evaluating the average AP load, as IB students also doing advanced work do not have all or even any of their efforts reflected in the results. Again, posters that do not report scores are excluded from the AP statistics.</li>
<li> Unfortunately 18 pledgers have not yet shared their results. I have, therefore, arbitrarily considered any pledger who has reported SAT scores (or equivalent) of 2200 or greater to be “Deferred” and any who has either not reported scores or reported scores under 2200 to be “Denied”. This has probably led to the over-reporting of the “Denied” totals.</li>


128 posters pledged to post results.
110 did so (86%), 18 were assigned results (14%)
96 reported SAT or ACT scores (75%)
64 reported at least one AP score (50%)
95 reported location (74%)
97 reported gender (76%)</p>

23% of pledgers were admitted
48% were deferred
29% were denied</p>

97 pledgers reported gender: 60% male, 40% female
Of these:
31% of males, 15% of females were admitted
48% of males, 61% of females were deferred
21% of males, 23% of females were denied</p>

<p>95 pledgers reported state or country (74%)
Of these…
26% were from Northeastern states (New England and New York, 9% from CT)
16% were from Atlantic states (NJ, PA, MD, VA, WV)
9% were from Southeastern states (AK, FL, GA, MS, NC, TN)
17% were from Midwestern states (IA, IL, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, WI)
3% were from Southwestern states (TX)
2% were from Western states (CO, MT)
15% were from Pacific states (CA, OR, WA)
11% were internationals</p>

<p>Test Profiles
No. reported SAT/ACT scores, Average and Median SAT (w/ACT equivalent)
Admitted: 24, 2308, 2330
Deferred: 52, 2273, 2270
Denied: 21, 2191, 2200</p>

<p>Score brackets for admitted pledgers (25th percentile – 75th percentile)
M: 770-800
CR: 750-800
W: 760-790
Total: 2270-2370
Note: ACT-only and SAT-total-only scores are excluded from section brackets</p>

<p>Average AP score and average number of tests per pledger
Admitted: 4.9, 5.1 (16 reports, 53% of admitted pledgers)
Deferred: 4.7. 4.6 (36 reports, 59% of deferred pledgers)
Denied: 4.6, 4.3 (12 reports, 32% of denied pledgers)</p>

<p>I will post similar statistics for all posters who reported results (including non-pledgers) later.</p>

<p>BTW, the original count of pledgers, 129, decreased to 128 because one participant registered twice.</p>

<p>Wow, thanks descartez!</p>

<p>Haha, that's awesome. The percentage of deferrals on CC is about the same as the entire SCEA group, but the admitted and rejected percentages are flipped.</p>

<p>I guess we just pwn. :)</p>

<p>You actually went through all that information and sorted it out? Kudos to you! I never would have had the patience to do it ;). Good job.</p>

<p>Just to be clear, I have been accumulating this information in a spreadsheet for a few minutes each day over the past few months. The spreadsheet does most of the work, recalculating instantly as new data comes in.</p>

<p>Thanks for taking the time to do this. Very interesting. You can add one more non-pledger accepted (my S)</p>

<p>i don't think i posted on the pledge list with my result (oops :X sorry)
i got deferred</p>

<p>~ I'm from a Pacific state on west coast
~ SAT: 2380; ACT: 36
~ 8 APs w/ avg. score of 5
~ female</p>

<p>Very interesting, thanks Decartesz and son!</p>

<p>Deferred here.
i think I am the one with the most Yale spirit but not the most qualification.
I could be the mascot. I AM THE MASCOT!! LOOK @ MA NAME</p>