SCEAers, Unite!

<p>Let's use this forum for discussion between applicants for Stanford SCEA. To start off, I just want to know:</p>

<p>Where you're from?
Intended Major?
App Status?</p>

<p>From- Berkeley Cali
Intended - Economics
App Status - Part 1 in, part 2.. just gotta finish editing my essay.</p>

havent started</p>

<p>Southern CA
Part 1 in, all of Part 2 done except for one short answer question and the extended essay</p>

<p>pacific ocean
crankin out some essays</p>

Only one short essay to go</p>

1.5 more essays</p>

Poli Sci
One more short essay (#2)</p>

Part 1 done, finish essay and short answers for part 2</p>

<p>California (northern california, too)
Physics (uh-oh, looks like ALL of us are physics majors)
Part 1 in, Part 2...let's just say the essays are being revised, and rerevised, and rerererevised...</p>

<p>Cali!! w00t!!!
...major? what's that? i've got a couple years to figure it out...
Part 1 in, Part 2 is definitely not...these essays bite...</p>

<p>hong kong
starting part 2.</p>

done part 1, three small essays to write for part 2</p>

<p>If you ask me, it's the biology major that everyone seems to be going for, not the physics.</p>

<p>I don't think it matters much in the admissions process what you indicate as a major right?</p>

<p>Directly, usually not. However, it can affect it if they have too many of one major and nobody planning on taking a major in a different department. Most of the time it really doesn't matter though. If I'm wrong then feel free to correct me.</p>

<p>Northern Cali too.
Part 1 done, essays are all written, but none are done yet</p>

Math? Econ?
Haven't done essays</p>

Engineering (electrical or biomedical)
Part 1 done, teacher rec and counselor stuff done, part 2 extended essay left</p>

<p>Norte California
Absolutely nothin', HUH! Sing it again. Well, I've done parts of essays and have requested teacher recs. Counselor rec? I guess I'll just walk in there and say, "Hey, you don't know me, but can you act like you do?"</p>