Schaum's Outline of Genetics 5th vs. 4th / Schaum's Outline of ....series

<p>I was wondering if there is much difference b/w the 4th (2001) and 5th (2010) edition of Schaum's outline of genetics, that it maybe worth spending an extra buck for the updated version. (I'm assuming that 9 years of tech advancement must make a difference in at least the methods that were used).</p>

<p>Besides, since I'm trying to get everything together before embarking on the GRE B.Chem/molec bio exam study session, I was reading the reviews of the Bchem and molec/cell bio series and it seemed like they aren't up to par with the genetics series. So, I was wondering if I should stay away from those esp. since I have stryers/lehninger/albert texts and a pile of notes from undergrad.</p>