schedule advice, please?

<p>this week we're doing registration for junior year. this year i'm not taking any honors/advanced/ap classes (there are only 2 honors available as a soph and nothing else.) my school's gpa system is weird, so my weighted (but not really since i have no honors or anything) is 4.2+. (A+=4.33 at my school). anyway...i'm totally aced this year, but i don't know if i could do the same with the course load i've picked out. i've qualified for all the honors classes, and i'm having a hard time saying no. </p>

<p>-spanish 3 honors
-interdisciplinary us lit/history honors (history and english, both honors)
-biology honors
-psychology honors
plus the other non-honors classes. </p>

<p>psych is only for one semester. one semester i'll have five, and another i'll have four honors. i know for sure i wanna take bio, psych, and spanish, and lit (sort of), but i'm a little iffy on us history honors because everyone says it's IMPOSSIBLY HARD. and i'm not like a history buff or anything, so it's not like i love history...i just don't know what i should do. </p>

<p>look, i know that my honors look like nothing to your loads of APs, but i just need advice. </p>

<p>going from no honors to four or five scares school is already tough as a priv. prep school... what was your experience with adding many more advanced classes? do you think i should take all five, or...? help?</p>

<p>I think so, it'll test your skills to see if you can handle the course load. It will only help you in the long run.</p>

<p>What schools are you looking into and why no AP's?</p>

<p>Honors are tough but aps are harder. I think you can handle that schedule.</p>

<p>not taking any APs because my school only has them for seniors, and even then, the selection is extremely limited. i think there's only something like ap english lit (something along those lines), art history, statistics, and some other math ap. there aren't any APs for juniors.</p>

<p>wow so little ap's must be a sad school.....i wonder how everyone survives with such a lack of ap spirit...</p>

<p>sarcasm? i really don't care that there aren't any aps, lol. seriously.</p>

<p>haha yeah i am, it just seems that a lot of people (not trying to offend anyone lol) seem to be obsessed with ap classes (especially on sites like this one) but yeah......idk</p>