Schedule Advice!!!

<p>By the end of this semester I will have taken (or equivalent) of the following prerequisites M118, W131, X104, K201, M211. </p>

<p>I know next semester I will take
F111 (WC and AH credit)</p>

<p>from here I am confused, I can take Psychology with summers and Computer Programming</p>

<p>or I can take Psychology with Weber and Economics with Olson</p>

<p>I am considering taking economics over the summer because I hear it is hard, however, I am interested in the investment management workshop and I'm not sure if they would prefer I take economics at IU.</p>

<p>Any feedback would be helpful,

<p>I believe that maxellis took E201 at CC and still got in the Workshop. You can search for his posts if he does not confirm this.</p>

<p>Your overall gpa, leadership EC's, performance the sophomore year investment banking class, interviewing skills (and internships or summer study abroad, if you have them) will be more important than where you took a class here and there for getting into the IBW workshops. </p>

<p>They won't hold it against students for taking classes in summers, as there are lots of good reasons for doing that. I'm pretty sure Maxellis took A201 and A202 the same summer at cc, but that did not stop him from getting into IBW.</p>

<p>Look at the resumes of 2013 class of students who just got accepted this semester for what IBW is looking for. </p>

<p>The</a> Investment Banking Network at Indiana University: IBA Index</p>

<p>Thanks, do you think X201, E201 and A100 are too hard to take all together?</p>