Schedule Advice

Hi everyone! I will be a junior this coming school year and I am wondering if my classes for the next two years are rigorous enough. I would like to attend college at Texas A&M University, but I am also looking at the UC’s and Cornell University.I plan on studying animal science,biology,chemistry, or biomedical sciences.I would be extremely grateful if anyone could offer me advice on how to improve my schedule,which I will post below:

As a freshman I took:
Geometry Honors
Biology Honors
English I Honors
PACE(required, 1 semester)/Health(required, 1 semester)
Beginning Choir
Principles of Agriculture
Spanish II

As a sophomore I took:
Algebra II Honors
Chemistry Honors
English II Honors
World History AP
Wildlife and Natural Resources(1 semester)/Equine Science(1 semester)
Spanish III Honors
Advanced Mixed Choir

As a junior I will take:
AP Spanish Lang
Dual Credit College Algebra
Dual Credit English III
Dual Credit Biology
Advanced Mixed Choir
Vet Med Applications
Online Precalculus(not for credit but will allow me to take AP calc senior year)

Over the summer between Junior and Senior year I plan to take:
Dual Credit English IV

During senior year I plan to take:
AP Calculus BC
AP Physics 1
AP Chemistry
Dual Credit Govt(1 semester)/ Dual Credit Econ(1 semester)
Advanced Mixed Choir
Advanced Animal Science Honors
PE Credit: Tennis
Dual Credit Biology II(at the community college,not for high school credit)
Sorry this is so long.Also, as far as grades go I have had all A’s thus far, but I understand that that may change.Also, will taking my English IV class during the summer rather than during the school year hurt my applications?

FYI the UCs are crazy expensive for out-of-state.

I can’t speak for the Dual Enrollment English because I don’t know how that works. I’ll leave that for other posters to decide.

Your schedule is fine. In fact, my friend who goes to UC Berkeley didn’t even take Honors English. He actually enrolled at Cornell first, but then he got let off the waitlist at Berkeley so he dropped everything and moved over to Cali. The only major problem, he says, is that he’s not getting any financial aid for being an out of state student. Take the SAT and ACT. You may have to take SAT subject tests so be sure to take ones you need to take for certain schools.

Sorry if I couldn’t give a better response, but I hope this helped and best of luck!

Why are you taking DE College Algebra? You have already taken algebra 2 and you’ll be taking precalc, taking college algebra is redundant and unnecessary.

It’s relatively easy to get into TAMU …what’s your class rank?..if you are in the top 10% of your class you’ll be fine…besides that I agree with IAmNotCreativ that you shouldn’t take College Algebra after Algebra 2 because they are practically the same class.

I agree with the DE College Algebra/Pre-Calc…aren’t they the same?