Schedule Conflict HELP!!

<p>Hi im a junior who is having some trouble with school schedule right now.
I attend a public highschool.
Okay,,,,so here is the trouble.
I just got my schedule and apparently i was only accepted into three AP classes.
I dont think that is enough. Although i took one AP class as a sophomore last year, other juniors are taking up to six ap classes this year.
So i tried to rearrange my schedule so that i can take 4 ap classes but that did not really work out.
I was wondering whether it is better for me to take AP class online outside of school or not... if i decide not to then i can use that time to study SAT</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>3 is plenty. Take the time to study for the SAT.
All the hardcore CCers are gonna say I’m crazy, but 3 is seriously hard enough.</p>

<p>most certainly agreed, 4 should be the max under any circumstance and 3 is plenty.</p>

<p>Don’t be intimidated by people taking 10 AP classes on here. 3 is perfect; it’s challenging but you won’t become too overwhelmed.</p>