Schedule for an NYU Stern or Penn CAS transfer

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>I am currently at USC and I want to transfer. I think that I want to go to either Penn CAS (econ) or NYU Stern. I would be happy with either because if I major in econ at Penn, I can take Wharton classes, and vice versa with Stern. My question is on course load for my second semester. I only took 4 courses this semester, so I am not sure if I should take 4 or 5. Here are some options:</p>

<p>Option 1: General Chemistry (with lab, turns out to be 4 credits but 8 hours a week), The Theory and Practice of American Democracy, Macroeconomics, and Introduction Computer Science- 16 credits (but like 21 hours a week).</p>

<p>Option 2: The Theory and Practice of American Democracy, Macroeconomics, Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Psychology, and Calc 2</p>

<p>I can have a lot of other combinations, but I want to take courses that will transfer and fulfill requirements. That is why I want to take a science course, but the with lab that means I can only take 4 courses (and it will still be 21 hours). I just don't know what to do, take less credits but equal hours or more credits, but then Psychology won't transfer. </p>

<p>I am going crazy here deciding, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>I go to USC right now actually and am looking into transferring to Stern as well (probably not Penn though). Have you looked at both of their schools requirements? You need to make sure you're fulfilling them, especially for Stern. Not sure if Penn CAS has as strict requirements as Wharton does, but Stern wants you to fulfill several business classes as well. Plus if you don't get in, you don't want to fall behind in the business curriculum and only have tons of science classes.</p>

<p>Yeah I forgot to ask that...I have no idea why NYU requires managerial accounting and financial accounting to transfer...Stern students don't take that until sophomore year. Why do they do this and can you still get in without taking these two?</p>

<p>U can transfer w/o accounting. I did and I know a **** load of ppl who are doing both Fin accting and Managerial Accting at Stern right now who didnt at their previous college.
If you can finish up all the pre reqs then thats nice but you will not get rejected for not completing them</p>