schedule for fall

<p>Hi, I am going to orientation for ut this summer and I need help with who to pick for my professors. Some classes I might be taking are:</p>

<p>bio311c (intro to bio I)
ch313n (general & organic chemistry)
ntr306 (fundamentals of nutrition)
fine arts (any suggestions- preferably really easy course)
psy301 (intro to psychology)
a statistics course</p>


<p>Bio - Sathasivan (Dr. Sata for short) was great for me this past spring, and he's arguably the most popular teacher
Psy - I had Lewis and really enjoyed him, he has lots of fun stories and over the course gives you his "secrets to life," but I've also heard good things about Salinas in that he also has good stories and is relatively easy</p>

<p>The rest I don't have any experience with - not sure if they teach CH 313 specifically, but for O Chem I've heard good things about Iverson and Bocknack</p>

<p>sundoll! we had a class together.... haha how weird. </p>

<p>anyways, i endorse Lewis as well for psy301.</p>

<p>That is weird - are you a Psych major? Just wondering if we'll run into each other again. ;)</p>

<p>you should definitely take Dr. Martha Maas for BIO 311C. Dr. Sata may be popular, but I know a lot of people who struggled with his class and didn't make the grades they wanted. Dr. Maas is interesting, SO nice and willing to help you, and her tests were really straightforward and she curves a lot so it wasn't hard to make an A.</p>

<p>@sundoll, no i'm not... i'm an advertising major :(</p>

<p>thank you so much! does anyone have any suggestions for a first year signature course?</p>

<p>Iverson & Bocknack teach sophomore organic chem, but not 313N. John Colapret has taught 313N for the past six semesters.</p>

<p>is john colapret a good teacher??</p>

<p>I heard Bocknack (sp?) is better than Colapret.</p>

<p>your taking 18 hours?</p>

<p>How do they factor in AP credits at orientation, since they don't have the scores yet? Also, can I change the classes I'm signed up for online after my orientation?</p>

<p>@BevoUT- They make you "guesstimate" what you got and base your classes off that- then after scores come in they make adjustments as such</p>

<p>@BevoUT - Yes, you can change your classes on "add/drop dates" as indicated by your RIS (Using</a> your RIS | Registrar | University of Texas at Austin)</p>

<p>Colapret's student reviews tend to be mostly Very Good, with some Satisfactories and some Excellents.</p>

<p>If you have an EID you can view (partial) past course instructor surveys online. Just sign in to UT Direct, then type CIS in the search box, then click on Course-Instructor Survey Results. The Spring 2010 results aren't online yet.</p>