Schedule Help!!!

<p>I just got my schedule from orientation yesterday and I had a few questions considering I did not get the classes I was hoping for.</p>

<p>ATM 10 - Severe Weather</p>

<p>CLA 30 - Word Roots</p>

<p>FMS 1 - Intro to Film Studies</p>

<p>MAT 17A - Calculus for BioSci</p>

<p>Basically, I passed the chemistry placement test and the person ahead of me got the last spot for all Chem 2A classes (even though the advisors claimed everyone would get a spot if you were in NPB). I wanted to know what my chances were if I waitlist for the chemistry class on the exact day and time of Pass 2. I also wanted to know what ATM 10, CLA 30, and FMS 1 were like considering none of them were my first choice of classes...</p>


<p>Well, people have different times for Pass 2 appointments, so "exact day and time" depends on how early/late you are relative to the rest of the freshman class.
A ton of people always waitlist Chem 2a which is why you have all these people sitting on the stairs and standing in the back. If you need it, it's worth waitlisting IMO.
I haven't taken ATM 10 or CLA 30, but FMS 1 was good (I had Fisher). Keep in mind that classes are different depending on your PROFESSOR! You can have the worst time of your college career in a class with one professor while someone else could be raving about the same exact class with a different professor. They make the syllabus, they make the rules. Ratemyprofessor is your friend.</p>

<p>A ton of people will be wait listing CHE 2A. All of the lectures will be packed for the first couple of weeks as people try to get into the classes, particularly if you wait list for one of the more popular lecturers, like Enderle. I've never had to deal with it, but I've seen how much of a struggle it is to get into a chemistry class off of the wait list. Available spots in lab are the limiting factor, so, if you're on the wait list, you have to try to go to every single lab you can during the first week and hope that a seat opens up for you. There will be hordes of people following the head TA around the lab building, just hoping that someone won't show up to lab.</p>

<p>Hella: How exactly do you schedule a Pass 2 appointment? Is it just given to you or do they e-mail you or something?</p>

<p>jonline: So are lectures easy to get into compared to the labs? I really don't want to have to take it in winter quarter because I will feel behind everyone else. Especially since my major is NPB</p>

<p>Pass 2 times are given to you and will be posted on SISWEB and on myucdavis. You may want to check it out sometime soon. The way chemistry waitlisting works is you attend the first lab section and see if any space if available. Sometimes some people do not get off the waitlist for the section they waitlisted in and try to get into sections with open spaces by walking in. Btw, you don't get into lecture hahaha. You just walk in and sit down (no attendance). :P</p>

<p>so if my pass 2 time is at 2:00, would you consider that good, or does it not really matter as much as attending the labs?</p>

<p>pass 2 is a time and date... and it's relative to the rest of your class. maybe if you gave us everyone else's pass times (time and date) then we could tell you. but if you had that information you could find out for yourself.
my pass 2 is 8/29 at 6:30pm, but the classes i'm trying to switch into are ecn 135, ecn 121a, and lin 103a or mus 6a. so you probably don't have to worry. heh
oh, and your pass time does matter, since earlier = better spot on the waitlist = more likely to get in as people drop</p>

<p>One of the things you can do during your pass 2 time (and open registration after
that before you have the class on your list) - you can type in all the sections of chem 2a that would fit in your schedule,
(on sisweb on the 'add' page). It will error and say that they are full and you
would have to waitlist. BUT on this page is where is shows you current info on how many people
are on the watlist for each section. So obviously, it would be better to waitlist
on a section that doesn't have a long list already. If it says 0, then you would be
the first in line. When you go to the sections,
if people don't show, they will offer the spots to people on the waitlist first. You
HAVE to be there. If you aren't, they will just skip over to the next person.
FWIW - my counselor said to wait until winter to take chem 2a because it would
be easier. It may have been, but I still had to do all of the above because sections
were filled up then also. But I checked the open couse list every day over winter
break and lo-and-behold, they opened up additional sections and I got in. They
were filled up that same day, though.</p>

<p>Hella: Sorry. I forgot to add that its on September 1st. I'm guessing that it is relative to what college you are in. You wouldn't happen to know the earliest time would you?</p>

<p>jbourne: I considered waiting till winter quarter for chem 2a, but I would feel like I am behind everyone else because they start earlier than I do.</p>

<p>not the college.. your units and other things like honors programs and such. and telling you the earliest date wouldn't matter much, since it would only really apply to rising 4th-5th-6th etc. years
and taking chem 2a winter quarter isn't the end of the world</p>

<p>Yeah I guess so...I just want to get chemistry over with I guess. By the way, sorry if I'm being annoying about this. I have absolutely no idea how to go about waitlisting so I am starting to feel nervous about school starting.</p>

<p>Taking chem winter quarter probably isn't the best option for majors that require you to take the full series. Usually, engineering counselors recommend that their students take it in the winter so that they don't have to compete with the chem majors and premeds and the like. But, I don't think it's necessarily easier in the winter--it really depends on your professor and how much time you devote to the class. Engineers are generally good at science and CHE 2A is pretty easy anyway, so I don't know that the whole "take it in the winter so it'll be easier argument" is really a good one.</p>

<p>EDIT: There is no "getting into lecture." If you can get a spot in lab, you're in the class.</p>

<p>The 'easier in winter' was referring to 'easier to get into the class', not the subect matter!</p>

<p>When the counselors were discussing this, at least for me, the 'easier' they were referring to had to do with the competition in the class. Sorry if I misread what you said--it WOULD be easier to get in in the winter.</p>

<p>yeah, agreed. and jbourne, it's not the subject matter, that's the same no matter what. the thing is, these classes are graded on curves, and most people in the college of biosci (including all of the gung ho premeds) will be taking it fall quarter. only so many people can get As (and Bs and so on). taking it winter quarter could result in less competition, but who knows.</p>

<p>lol - didn't even think of that. Maybe that's why I was in the winter quarter -
to bring the curve down.</p>