Schedule help?

<p>Hey, I'm working on my senior year schedule and was looking for some advice. I want to it to be challenging to help me with top schools, but kids at my school (a top public school in MA) usually don't take more than 4 or 5 APs.</p>

<p>What I have so far:
AP Physics C: E&M (taking Physics C: Mechanics currently, it's my best class)
AP Calculus BC
AP Spanish V
AP Prep (mandatory study hall for AP Science, half the time it is an extra class or lab day)

<p>English is mandatory, I am considering either Honors English or AP Lit. I think I could do well in AP Lit, and I am one of the best students at English in my class, but I know I would hate the workload and I want to focus more on math/science anyway. Does it really look that much better to colleges to take AP over Honors?</p>

<p>For my last 2 spots, I am considering:
AP Chem (not too bad at my school)
AP Computer Science (independent study through Virtual High School)
Math Lab (student tutor for the math department's extra-help during lunch/study block - this is selective and was only offered to three students, but I'm not sure how colleges would see it considering it doesn't have any work)
Honors Advanced Writing - I would only take this if I didn't take AP English, because we don't really get much attention for our writing in English classes except AP Lit</p>

<p>Advanced writing is a semester course, Math Lab can either be full year or semester. If I do AP Lit I will most likely not do another AP out of those last 4 choices (unless I do Chem and Math Lab).</p>

<p>Right now I am leaning towards:
Honors English
AP Comp. Sci
Math Lab/Advanced Writing (one for each semester)</p>

<p>Would it really look better to do:
AP Lit
AP Chem
Math Lab</p>

<p>Any advice?</p>

<p>Do what your heart desires. The number of AP courses you take will not matter (I mean, you should have taken a reasonable amount depending on how many your school offers) 20 years from now. I think you should do things in your best interests! Since you're focusing on maths and sciences, take AP comp. sci and honors english so that you can focus on your sciences and maths and practice your english skills. Then, take math lab and advanced writing as a way for you to "de-stress" and chill during the school day. that's why i have chorus on my schedule :D</p>