Schedule help!

<p>I’m a freshman theatre major at a small liberal arts college in Texas. I thought I could be happy here because of the great theatre program and the scholarship they offered, but the academics just aren’t strong enough. I need help deciding what to do about my second semester schedule to make me a good transfer applicant but still on-track at my current school should I be rejected. Here’s what I took first semester: </p>

<p>Performance 1A (Required for theatre majors at any college)
Stagecraft and Lighting (Again, something similar would be required anywhere)
Honors Writing II
Intro to Religions of the World
Literature and Philosophy (freshman lecture seminar)
Leadership (1-hr course required for club I’m in)</p>

<p>I received a 4.0. So with that in mind, here are the second semester courses I chose before I really decided to transfer: </p>

<p>Performance IB (Same thing)
Costuming and Makeup (again with the requirement)
Theatre History
Show Choir (audition-only)
Parzival (I’m in the honors program and have to take an honors course. This is the only one that would work. It’s a course over the social/historical/political implications of the original Holy Grail myth, which is an epic poem. I’m really interested in it but not sure how this will look to other schools.)
American Literature II </p>

<p>HELP! I realize my second semester looks very arts-heavy. I need to keep the first two to stay on track with major requirements, and besides, I’d be taking those at any other college. The third is a requirement too but I guess I could replace it with something else. I could easily drop Am Lit and replace with something more “challenging” sounding… or I could drop Show Choir, but I feel like it helps because it’s an extracurricular activity too. I could drop Parzival, but then I’d be dropping the Honors Program. Do I need to stick math somewhere in that schedule to make it look better? What would y’all recommend?</p>