Schedule Input-Freshman

<p>I’m trying to read my son’s schedule and this is what I’ve come up with:</p>

<p>Med Ethics/Phl 225
Bio Lab
Southern Val UH101
Phl 223
MDGR - (not sure what this is, but it’s in Comer Hall)</p>

<p>He claims he wants to study medicine (we’ll see how he does when he takes chemistry).
He’s coming in with the following AP credits: Bio, Eng Lang/Comp, Psychology, Statistics, Calculus BC, Econ-mac. He received a 5 on all AP </p>

<p>He received the following message from the Honors College:
"After reviewing your schedule, I noticed that you are currently registered for 10 Honors hours in the fall. I truly value your desire to engage in an Honors intensive curriculum in your first semester, but I would suggest you consider spreading out your Honors courses throughout your undergraduate experience. You will have many other semesters to complete the 18 hour University Honors requirement. </p>

<p>Transitioning into a collegiate environment can be a strenuous, time-consuming endeavor, and taking a heavy load of Honors courses in your first semester could result in a lower GPA. I want to encourage you to explore other ways to get involved in the Honors College rather than taking multiple Honors classes in your first term. Consider engaging in a host of extracurricular activities, including getting involved with the Honors College Assembly, to balance your academic coursework with other experiences in your first semester."</p>

<p>He is taking his sweet old time, in terms of making changes to his schedule, so I’m looking for input so I can push him in the right direction.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any suggestions?

<p>Since he’s pre-med, why isn’t he taking Gen Chem I this semester? </p>

<p>Typically, pre-meds take Gen Chem I and II (and Bio I and II) their first year, then take Orgo I and II and Physics I and II their soph year.</p>

<p>What is his major? </p>

<p>MDGR is Modern Greek</p>

He should be taking Chem I and I’m trying to get him to change his schedule ASAP. If he drops one of his Honors classes and adds Chem I, I think that would work. In terms of his major, he’s either interested in some type of medicine or bioengineering. He really doesn’t know at this point. He’s awesome in math, 36 on the math portion of the ACT and 800 on the SAT. I’m surprised he’s not taking any math classes.
I think he can improve his schedule, which is why I’m looking for input.</p>