Schedule Problem

<p>As a background....
I'm going to be a senior, and I'm a Political Science/Women and Gender Studies major. I'm absolutely horrible at math (480 SAT, barely going to pass Alg 2 with a C). I attend a middle college high school, so basically I have high school classes for english, history, and some electives; and than community college classes for everything else. </p>

<p>My problem is that in Fall I really want to take a political theory class (college). I have the professor right now for another poli sci class, and I've learned so much and love the class. (He'd also write me a pretty amazing recomendation if I had him for another semester). </p>

<p>For math, I had to re-take my placement test at the college (after taking Algebra 2) and I got into the college equivalent of Alg 2. I have to take Chemistry in the fall to graduate hs. If I take Chem and algebra 2, I don't have room for the theory class. If I take Alg 2 over Winter, and than Statistics in the Spring, I could just do the theory class and chem; but I'm not sure how that will look in the admissions process. </p>

<p>Any suggestions? I'm not sure whether to choose what I'm really interested in, or what will look better for college apps. (hope this wasn't too confusing)</p>

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<p>yea. your math is screwed up. please get a tutor/take online classes so you can finish calc.</p>

<p>just kidding. take ap stats lol.</p>