schedule question!

<p>hello! i am a direct admit to kelley, trying to go for a public policy analysis degree with minors in poli sci, spanish, and italian. I would love for someone to look over my ideas for a schedule and tell me if it looks okay!
also, is it possible to take two language classes in one semester? i really want to learn both- i have four years of spanish already but i'd be taking 100 level italian. is that plausible?</p>

<p>also, will a comm 101 course at a comm college count towards x104 credit, do you think, or just a gened? if it won't, i'm planning on taking x106 honors and regular k201. </p>

<p>3 -bus k204- the computer in business- honors
1- bus a100- (first 8 weeks?) basic accounting skills
3- math m119- brief survey of calc
3- pol sci course- political controversies
whatever level of spanish i test in to
4- italian intro course. </p>

<p>is this a good idea? am i overloading myself with languages? i am going to take finite (m118) at a comm college next summer, and possibly the e201 class as well. </p>

<p>any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Use this website to find out if your credits will transfer:
Credit</a> Transfer Service: Admissions: Indiana University</p>

<p>I would drop a class from your list. It is best to take a lighter schedule for the first semester (adjusting to a college setting and whatnot).</p>

<p>Also, even though you have 3 minors the Public Policy Analysis major is the easiest out of all the business majors (in terms of amount of classes) so you won't have to be overloaded with classes every semester.</p>


<p>My S won't make the Hutton when he applies to IU by this Fall.</p>

<p>1) Would someone please confirm that a non-Hutton Kelley DA student can't take K204 for K201?
2) Would he miss something critical if he takes K201 (Computer in Business) at another IU campus? </p>



<p>I'm a standard admit to IUB. Quick question about my schedule. Is it reasonable to take W-131,M-118,M-119,Bus K-201 all in my first semester? I want to transfer in after my first semester and the only way to do it is by taking these classes. is it a bad idea?</p>

<p>^ you will be applying to kelley after your first two semesters. you do not need to take all of those classes in one semester as many find m118, m119, and k201 difficult. if you consider yourself good at math and very good/comfortable with computers, i'd say taking those 4 classes is very doable. otherwise, i'd advise taking m118 one semester and m119 the other semester.</p>

<p>You can't apply to IU after your first semester unless you have at least 26 credits.</p>

<p>Future</a> IU Freshmen: Admissions: Undergraduate Program: Kelley School of Business: Indiana University Bloomington</p>

<p>Ok thanks guys. I was a little worried because i thought i had to take all those classes. also, how many i-core pre reqs should i take first semester? Would taking M-119, K-201, X-104, and some other gen- ed class sufice? Or is it still too much? I'm not sure how many classes you should take a semester. I'm so used to high school coursework.</p>

<p>Ok pardon my ignorance but how do you determine how many credits a class has? Are credits the same thing as hours?</p>

<p>maxellis, do you advise against taking two language classes in one semester? should i space them out or complete my spanish minor with whatever credits i come in with and then take intro to italian, or what do you suggest?</p>

<p>LaRok0, A100 can also be taken at IUPUI, where it is much easier. Not a bad idea to take it there the summer before you begin at IU if you are a direct admit.</p>

<p>I have no clue when it comes to languages. I have always been bad at them and have not taken any language classes while in college. Sorry I can't be of more help.</p>

<p>Minoring in two languages would be a huge commitment. Lots of classes, and they would have to be taken at IU (upper level language classes won't transfer to IU from CC's, and lower level Italian probably isn't offered at many CC's). If you have no Italian now, you would have to take seven semesters to get the minor. If you test into the fifth semester Spanish (S280) class, you will have to take four semesters total of Spanish at IU for the minor.</p>

<p>If you do both minors, take Global Studies and Languages for your Field Specialization Option. It would take eleven classes (assuming you test into 5th semester Spanish) for your two language minors and the Field Specialization Option; whereas, most Kelley students take only take nine classes for the 27 credit hour core. And most of the 27 credit hour core classes people take can be taken at a CC in the summer. So your Fall and Spring semester workloads with the language minors at IU will be heavy (and not reducible because of the non-transferring language classes) compared to the average Kelley student. </p>

<p>Throw in the political science minor and it would be really heavy. </p>

<p>Major</a> and Minor Requirements</p>

<p>Undergraduate</a> Studies: Department of Spanish and Portuguese</p>

<p>I'm minoring in Spanish and Chinese. If you love foreign languages, then you won't have any issues. Italian is pretty similar to Spanish (moreso than Chinese is similar to Spanish), so you'll be fine. I know dumb people who took their first ever Italian class at IU, and they rocked it.</p>

<p>Assuming you place into HISP-S280 and assuming you take one Spanish course each semester, you'll have a minor in Spanish by the time you're done with your sophomore year. </p>

<p>That is really easy, especially if you love it.</p>

<p>It's easier to minor in political science if you do the distribution option for your gen eds instead of specialization option, although not many people know that. I do not know the details, though, as I am not minoring in political science. I would email Erin Heyboer at <a href=""></a> because I know she knows how to sneakily fulfill your gen eds through the distribution option and come out with a poli sci minor.</p>

<p>I personally would not minor in poli sci on top of my two foreign languages. But it does not look like you are double majoring (I am), so you might be able to do it.</p>

<p>okay thank you both for your opinions. i will use the links and contacts you gave me and try to figure something out.</p>

<p>Here are the requirements for the Political Science minor. It is eighteen hours.</p>

<p>IUB</a> Political Science</p>

<p>So getting the Spanish (assuming testing into S280, which is fifth semester Spanish) and Italian minors and the political science minor would be</p>

<p>12 credits Spanish
21 credits Italian
18 credits Political Science
Total = 51 non-Kelley credits </p>

<p>Most people do the 27 credit hour core for their non-Kelley classes (and maybe three or four more credits to reach the Kelley minimum to graduate) which is two semesters worth of credits. Your proposed 51 credits will take way more than two semesters and will have to be spread out over at least seven (one Italian class each semester) semesters.</p>

<p>So plan carefully. You don't want to take any classes your first year at IU that you don't wind up using if you drop one or two of your minors and lose the opportunity to have taken more Kelley classes your first year. Remember that you have to take fifteen Icore prerequisite classes. Most people do this in four semester. If you will already be taking nine hours (three each in Spanish, Italian, and PS) for minors those first four semesters then you will be taking lots of hours during them or be looking at summer classes if you want to graduate in four years.</p>

<p>I'm a DA and as of now am planning on majoring in finance + international business and I'm going to orientation next week. I'm sure I'll get a lot of guidance from the advisor there but I want to know what your suggestions are for what classes I should take.</p>

<p>And for languages, if I test out of 2nd-3rd semester Spanish, I do not need to take a language class for international business right?</p>

<p>"International business is a co-major, and students must also major in another business area. Students who study international business, in addition to 6 credits of required courses, must also complete 6 credits of foreign language courses, 6 credits of overseas study credits, and 9 credits of electives." (Undergraduate</a> Program: Department of Management and Entrepreneurship: Kelley School of Business: Indiana University)</p>

<p>--And for languages, if I test out of 2nd-3rd semester Spanish, I do not need to take a language class for international business right?--</p>

<p>If you test into S200 or above of Spanish or above, you will have to take one class in Spanish to get your six credits for the international business requirement. This is because IU will automatically grant only four credits in Spanish for the first year (four credits for S105-- not eight credits for S100 and S150) through the foreign language placement test you take at orientation. Those four credits alone will not be enough. This is explained here</p>

<p>Undergraduate</a> Studies: Department of Spanish and Portuguese</p>

<p>Also, it is a good idea to take your foreign language class your first semester at IU and get it out of the way while it is fairly fresh in your memory from high school. You will definitely be taking a Spanish class at IU (or a community college or whatever school IU will accept for 200-level transfer credit) if you use Spanish to get the international business co-major.</p>

<p>Ah crap I hate Spanish. I guess I'm glad its only one semester though. Thanks for the info</p>