This upcoming fall, I’m going to be a Junior. I am concerned that my classes aren’t rigorous enough! Can someone please give me their opinion on my schedule? Thank you!

Junior Year:
English 5
Spanish 5
Honors Algebra 2
Honors US History
Honors Chemistry
AP Environmental Science

All my classes are the most challenging classes I could take besides English (Honors English 5) and History (APUSH). I had APUSH on my schedule initially, but I know myself I’m not the best writer nor fastest reader, and my school doesn’t allow us to drop any AP classes which worries me. so I dropped the class… Plus, I don’t have any prior-experience in terms of Honors or AP courses, so I’m afraid to take APUSH which is often considered a harder AP. I plan on self-studying two other APs which are AP Human Geography and AP Phycology, will this offset me not taking APUSH? I plan on majoring in the STEM field (Marketing.) Also, I want to attend Binghamton University and currently I have 4.0 GPA, but all regular classes since that’s all freshman year offered. Sophomore year I transferred school, and I originally had signed up for two honors classes. But due to “overcrowding” in my new school I was put in all regular classes which made me mad. I’m stressing alot right now! Once again, I appreciate everyone responding to this thread.

If your school doesn’t allow you to take harder classes, no one will dock you. Colleges don’t expect you to take classes you were physically unable to take.

With that being said, it’s common knowledge here on the CC forum that COLLEGES DO NOT CARE ABOUT SELF STUDYING FOR APs. I came to that reality very quickly on here. Self studying for independent research projects are great but you don’t need an AP score to show you’ve mastered the material, you know? You need a good research project.

Also its confusing to me that you’re planning to study for two Social Studies classes but want to go into the STEM field. Especially since Psych and Human Geo have less in common with marketing than APUSH. HG more out of place than Psych, though.

I would assume colleges aren’t any more worried about a STEM major not maxing out their SS classes than they will care about a SS major not maxing out their STEM classes as long as you still took a competitive course load at your school.

Also Human Geo and APUSH also have roughly the same passing rates…

Maybe take a DE class that you’re interested in over the summer if you’re worried about rigor and are set on not taking APUSH. And if your college posts it, check which classes marketing students are required to take just to make sure you’re on the right track.

My cousin who is studying in Baruch College which is well known for Marketing told me that I should study for AP Phycology because it’s apparently related to Marketing.

If you want to learn psychology you can take the course in college. No reason to self study for the AP. IMO your time would be better spent doing as well as possible in your actual classes and being more involved in your ECs.