This upcoming fall, I’m going to be a Junior. I am concerned that my classes aren’t rigorous enough! Can someone please give me their opinion on my schedule? Thank you!

Junior Year:
English 5
Spanish 5
Honors Algebra 2
Honors US History
Honors Chemistry
AP Environmental Science

All my classes are the most challenging classes I could take besides English (Honors English 5) and History (APUSH). I had APUSH on my schedule initially, but I know myself I’m not the best writer nor fastest reader, and my school doesn’t allow us to drop any AP classes which worries me. so I dropped the class… Plus, I don’t have any prior-experience in terms of Honors or AP courses, so I’m afraid to take APUSH which is often considered a harder AP. I plan on self-studying two other APs which are AP Human Geography and AP Phycology, will this offset me not taking APUSH? I plan on majoring in the STEM field (Marketing.) Also, I want to attend Binghamton University and currently I have 4.0 GPA, but all regular classes since that’s all freshman year offered. Sophomore year I transferred school, and I originally had signed up for two honors classes. But due to “overcrowding” in my new school I was put in all regular classes which made me mad. I’m stressing alot right now! Once again, I appreciate everyone responding to this thread.

Which classes you take is only one small part of the equation in admissions. You are right that APUSH is a harder AP course with lots of reading. Just keep up the 4.0 with your current schedule, and do some extracurricular activities related to your intended major in Marketing.

There are many opportunities for online virtual internships handling marketing-related tasks for nonprofits, or you can seek out your own opportunity helping one or more businesses or groups that interest you. Participate in competitions relating to business and marketing to try to win some awards. Take on a leadership role in a club, or create your own marketing-related club to lead. Instead of self-studying for AP Geography and AP Psychology, consider taking some free courses on Coursera related to marketing to demonstrate your interest.

Junior year is a very critical time for building up your achievements to be ready to list them on your college application next fall. Rather than get bogged down worrying about which classes you have, just do your best with your current schedule and focus on the other things you can do to stand out.

I would not self study in terms of helping with college admissions. In general it does not help (or hurt) since they want to know your grades you earned in an actual class. The AP scores without classes are more for helping with credits after you matriculate. They are also two of the easiest APs and colleges know that.

I would talk to guidance about doing two science classes or switching one to a business class. I don’t know if you can go from regular to honors Spanish but can you move up to honors English?

I also suggest being part of business programs offered in your school or area such as junior achievement.

No, my school doesn’t offer Honors Spanish but I think it’s too late now for me to switch to Honors English…