This upcoming fall, I’m going to be a Junior. I am concerned that my classes aren’t rigorous enough! Can someone please give me their opinion on my schedule? Thank you!

Junior Year:
English 5
Spanish 5
Honors Algebra 2
Honors US History
Honors Chemistry
AP Environmental Science

All my classes are the most challenging classes I could take besides English (Honors English 5) and History (APUSH). I had APUSH on my schedule initially, but I know myself I’m not the best writer nor fastest reader, and my school doesn’t allow us to drop any AP classes which worries me. so I dropped the class… Plus, I don’t have any prior-experience in terms of Honors or AP courses, so I’m afraid to take APUSH which is often considered a harder AP. I plan on self-studying two other APs which are AP Human Geography and AP Phycology, will this offset me not taking APUSH? I plan on majoring in the STEM field (Marketing.) Also, I want to attend Binghamton University and currently I have 4.0 GPA, but all regular classes since that’s all freshman year offered. Sophomore year I transferred school, and I originally had signed up for two honors classes. But due to “overcrowding” in my new school I was put in all regular classes which made me mad. I’m stressing alot right now! Once again, I appreciate everyone responding to this thread.

I’m not sure I would bother self studying those 2 AP classes because a) most schools don’t care and b) those 2 classes in particular are considered some of the “easy” APs.

I wouldn’t necessarily worry about how transferring schools impacted your classes. I would suggest talking to your guidance counselor about including that in their recommendation form.

Okay, sounds great! Thank you.

Take English 5 honors for sure as it’ll help you for college and Bing is likely to expect it.
Self studying doesn’t really help, and self studying the two easiest APs would not offset skipping one of the hardest APs.
Marketing is not a STEM field - although in order to get a marketing job nowadays you need at least a statistics or data science minor which is stem indeed.
(Stem= science, technology, engineering, math.)

My advice would be for next year to take honors precalc, ap statistics, ap physics 1 or honors physics, spanish 6, AP world history, honors English . Itd show good continuity in curriculum and increased rigor, pluses for Bing, and a good match for data science or statistics in addition to helping down the line for the SOM selection.

Personally I would swap out APES for APUSH. Not all AP classes are considered equally rigorous. It does depend on what kinds of colleges you’re applying to, but APUSH is favored at some of the more competitive ones.

Since marketing is often in the business school at college you might want to talk to guidance about doing a business elective instead of two sciences.