Scheduled for Decision?

<p>Earlier when I logged on, the admissions site was not working properly , and when I clicked application status, the page was a bunch of error related messages. I was able to read something along the lines of "we feel we need more information before making a final review". It was weird. (My application just switched to "under review" a couple days ago, I sent it nov. 1st).</p>

<p>I just checked it and it now says scheduled for decision (Jan 30th). My guess is that the decision may be to defer for final review?</p>

<p>In the meantime, what else can I do to help my application (my 1st semester grades were not all that bright, and it worries me), would getting a recommendation help?</p>

<p>Don't lose hope! Once website working and you find that decision is 'defer' would definitely suggest sending letters of recommendation. Also if first semester grades not all that great (and NCSU has these transcripts) contact admissions office if there is a valid 'reason' (NOT excuse) for drop. I'm not sure what NCSU process is for 'deferred' applicants to add information to their files you may need to call Admissions Office. Good luck!</p>

<p>I was deferred for Carolina... isn't there a secondary application that you fill out if you are deferred (essays, more information, etc.)?</p>

<p>I think my friend had to fill one of those out last year.</p>

<p>Definitely don;t lose hope! It could very well be an error and even if u are deferred u still have a chance of getting in. Hopefully i'll see you there if i get in!</p>

<p>I don't want to wait that long!</p>