scheduling classes for sophomore year?

<p>i'll be a sophomore next year and were about to start scheduling our classes. i want to take honors bio, ap european history, advanced spanish 2, pre ap english. i really don't know about honors biology because i had a b in science last semester. right now i have an 81 and im 4 points from a b and i have plenty of time to get my grade up. science is kind of hard for me but it's not because of the material it's because i didn't study and didn't care for the class. but now i'm paying more attention and studying. to get into honors bio you need at least a b average, which i plan on having. also for my schedule i want to take pre ap english, but i hate english. last semester i had a 97 in the class, but thats only because i pay attention in class. i want to maintain straight A's my sophomore year but take challenging classes. </p>