Scheduling classes

<p>How many classes do students(Liberal Arts and Sciences) normally take a day? or does it depend on how many classes I want to take? I expect I would take about 4~5 only if I have to. I've seen some people take around 2~3.</p>

<p>Most majors require 120 hours to graduate, so 15 hours a semester will satisfy that if you want to spread everything out evenly. Five 3-credit hour classes will fill up the 15 hours. The amount of classes you register for kind of depends on your major though. For some majors, you need to take a lot of classes early on so that you can start taking the more advanced classes later on. This is usually the case for engineering.</p>

<p>Classes at UIUC are usually either MWF for 50 minutes each, or TuTh for an hour and 15 minutes each. Depending on how your classes are scheduled, you might end up having all your classes on MWF or TuTh or somewhere in between.</p>

<p>When you come down for orientation, you'll be assigned to a current student who will walk you through the process of registering for classes. Unfortunately, some of these stduents won't care too much about whether you have to get up early or whether your classes are too far apart. So when you do actually register, try to make sure that the student-helper sets you up with a schedule that's as convenient as possible.</p>

<p>I'm majoring in Biochemistry (Liberal arts and sciences).
Typically, how many classes do students take for this particular major..?
Thanks again.</p>

<p>I'm not really sure how many you usually take, but I think it will have to be around 4-6. Here's a link that shows the classes you need in order to finish a biochem. degree:</p>

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<p>An average course load for a beginning freshman is typically 15 to 16 credit hours a semester. You are prohibited from taking 19 or more without the permission of your advisor. You must take at least 12 to be considered a full-time student. Regardless of how ambitious or intelligent you may believe you are, I would still recommend sticking in that 15 to 16 hour range for at least the first semester.</p>

<p>What that means per week depends on the type of course. A typical course like history, literature, economics, and the majority of courses is 3 semester hours and meets 3 times a week for 50 minutes a shot or twice a week for 1 1/4 hours per class. If you had 5 courses like that you would thus go to class for under 15 total hours per week and get 15 credit hours at the end of the semester. Net result is you average somewhat less than 3 hours per day in class. Sounds light to a high school student but the expectation is that you will actually spend another 30 or more outside of class per week doing assignments and preparing for classes. Some do a lot less, some a lot more.</p>

<p>As a science major you will be doing a lot more per week in two ways. First, despite that science departments are full of highly intelligent teachers and administrators, it seems that none of them ever learned to count. For a freshman science course like Biology or Chemistry you will have a 3 credit hour lecture course and a 1 hour lab course for a total of four credit hours. You will go to class for 3 hours per week for that lecture but you will also go 3 hours per week for that 1 hour lab course. Thus, take chem and bio your first semester and you get 8 credit hours but go to class 12 hours a week to get those 8 hours. Add a nice physics course for 4 more credit hours and you get 3 hours of lecture a week, one hour of discussion in small group, and two hours of lab, for another six hours a week in class. For many science courses that will remain a pattern throughout college and this inability to count the actual number of hours you should be in class for the credit hours given will continue. The second way you will be doing more is that your out of class study time for those science courses will very often be 1 1/2 to 3 times as much as other courses. </p>

<p>So as a science major, you can typically look at taking 4 to 5 courses and getting 15 credit hours a semester but go to class about 20 hours (or more) per week.</p>

<p>Yeah I hear that because I was taking 18 hours first semester and my time in class = 22 hours. Bad huh? Not even close at the beginning of this semester b/c I dropped my gen ed I was taking 17 hours and my time in class = a whopping 29.5 hours. I'm not even joking. I was like "Where is all of my time going? Oh right I'm always in class." Yeah so also don't just look at the number of hours of a class but how many times per week and then remember the other factors (how far away, how much time to get there) b/c if you have a half hour break for lunch and it takes you 10 minutes to walk to your dorm and back that is only 20 minutes minus waiting time in line, going to the bathroom, until you no longer have a half-hour but 5 minutes. So don't just look at credit hours.</p>

<p>what about ee? is it harsh ?</p>

<p>Any engineering will take a lot of classes with a lot of time involved.</p>