Scheduling Concerns for Future Applicant

<p>Hey guys, next year I will be applying to Columbia Early Decision to Fu Engineering. But I am kind of in a pickle and I need a little advice. </p>

<p>So we are already now choosing our classes for next year, and I am having trouble deciding whether to choose AP Statistics or AP Spanish Language & Composition. I want to take stats over spanish because:</p>



<p>However, I heard it looks bad to not have 4 years of a language all the way through senior year, so I am not sure what I should do, I really want to look like an impressive candidate. Should I take Spanish or Stats? Any advices would be great, thank you!</p>

<p>Why does it have to be either/or? Why don't you take both?</p>

<p>I only took two years of language in high-school and I got into SEAS ED. Take the statistics. We don't have a language requirement so theres no real reason to take Spanish.</p>

<p>Since you are applying to the engineering, I doubt they put too much weight into how many years of Spanish you take. I would take ap stat</p>

<p>CC ED admit, I only took three years of language in high school (two in middle school) and no AP languages. I did, however, skip a level. Doubt this made a difference. I would suggest Stat just because I am biased and dislike Spanish :P</p>

<p>lynnrj: I don't have space in my schedule unfortunetly
And to the rest of you guys, thank you! I think I am going to take stats!</p>

<p>If you're applying to an Engineering and Applied Science school which DOESN'T have a language requirement, and you think you would fair better in a MATH course, then do it! It will not hurt you.</p>