scheduling conflict - what should I do?

<p>I was going to take AP bio but my school didn't have enough students signed up. I now have the option of taking AP bio online or taking AP psych at school. I want to go into premed and medical school at a school such as emory. I also heard that taking classes online calls for a lot of busywork, but I think taking bio would help me in college. I have already taken Honors biology though. Psychology was already my second choice because I am also interested in it. with that said, which would be in my best interest to take?</p>


<p>In the profile that your high school guidance counselor will fill out, they will denote that AP bio wasn't offerred. Colleges will not count a class not taken by you if it wasn't offerred. Take the psych class.</p>

<p>I'd take psych if I were you. You'll need to take bio in college anyway if you're premed, so AP credit in this area is of questionable benefit.</p>

<p>Is online Bio the only chance you have to take any science this year? While there are success stories of kids who've dropped core classes or have already completed science/whatever requirements, it's advisable to take at least one of each core subject a year. For a pre-med student (though schools know that students often change their majors), I imagine this pseudo-requirement is even more necessary to complete.</p>

<p>In short, a pre-med shouldn't drop an advanced hard science class in favor of an elective.</p>

<p>"In short, a pre-med shouldn't drop an advanced hard science class in favor of an elective."....I wouldn't think that colleges would view this as "dropping" the course if the school didn't offer it (I don't think having to take an oline version would be considered "offerring" the course). However I do see your point about not taking any science for senior year. We've never run into this at our school (student runs out of core course to take) and we don't offer online classes. Is there any way your schedule could be arranged for you to go to a neighboring school and take the class? We've done this with AP Physics & Chemistry (not offerred at our school).</p>