Scheduling for CASPer Test for BS/MD application for Drexel or Hofstra

I am looking at the requirements for applying to BS/MD program for the following schools, which require CASper test -

  1. Drexel
  2. Hofstra

I am confused about the test scheduling requirements

Drexel says, All applicants who have been invited for an interview to the BA/BS+MD Program at Drexel University and Drexel University College of Medicine are required to complete an online assessment (CASPer) to assist with our selection process.

Hofstra says -
We recommend registering for a CASPer/Altus exam date as soon as possible to prevent last minute complications. The last test date is Jan 17th 2023

My question -
Looks like we need to take CASper earlier for Hofsra before Drexel informs us of interview. Can we schedule an earlier test according to Hofstra time lines and send the same scores to Drexel if we get the Drexel interview.

CASper is a standardized test, like the ACT or SAT. Once you have taken the exam and have a score you can send it to as many schools as you want (and are willing to pay the reporting fee for).

You do not need to take a unique sitting of the exam for every school that requires CASper. CASper scores are valid for 1 year/1 application cycle.

So, yes, schedule an earlier test date, send your results to both Drexel and Hofstra. You don’t need to wait to see if you’re invited to interview at Drexel, you can send your score to Drexel where it will be added to your application file. It will there and waiting for review should you be offered a interview.