Scheduling Problem

<p>My shcedule for Junior year is:</p>

<p>AP Lang
AP Chem
AP PHysics B
AP PSychology
AP Euro</p>

<p>However, I ca'n't take both euro and physics and I have decided to take Physics. So, i need to replace Euro. My choices are: AP Art History, AP Statistics, or anamtomy and physiology Honors</p>

<p>I'd go with Art History. You have enough sciences and Art History will make your schedule very well-rounded. Stats is a close 2nd, but definitely not anatomy&physiology.</p>

<p>Like what the other poster said, I'd go with Art History as well, for the sake of adding 'diversity' to your schedule. Of course, you should take into consideration the difficulties of the two courses and the difficulties of what you have already.</p>

<p>i would take anatomy. Art History sounds dull and anatomy is very different from physics or chem</p>

<p>AP Art History was probably the most fascinating class I took in high school. Everybody in my class enjoyed it. Don't knock it before you try it.</p>