Scheduling SAT at different sites on same day?

Is it possible to schedule an SAT for the same date at different locations? We were planning on having our son take the SAT at a local public school in March. However, our school district has canceled every SAT this year, as most students are virtual. It’s looking fairly likely that the March date will be canceled. Can I register him locally and in a different state on the same day (this state has not canceled any tests this year, but is a 3.5 hour drive). We would like to have that as a backup, but obviously would prefer to take the test locally if it IS being offered, so he can sleep in his own bed and not have to deal with travel the day prior to the test. I have tried to get information from the college board, but no luck getting thru their phone tree so far.

I don’t think that’s possible. College Board isn’t going to double book students. It also isn’t fair to kids in that area who might not get a chance to test if someone has booked two places for the same day. If you are really concerned, cancel the existing slot and reschedule for the alternative location.

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I wouldn’t do it even if I could. Not everyone can make a 3.5 hour drive and cover the expense of a hotel room and meals just to take a standardized test. If you think your school will cancel don’t bother to register for their test.