Scholars Day, March 12

Very nice event, over 600 in attendance, 200 students.

This school was not a contender until the visit. We had a great time and enjoyed almost everything about Bonaventure. We have seen 15 schools and several facilities are the nicest we have seen anywhere. The business building is astonishingly nice. The school has its own golf club right across from campus. Nice 9 hole course.

I would be surprised if our son did not pick it at this point.

COA is 46,000 from what I can tell, curious what merit/financial aid was offered?

Cost of attendance for my son is $19,500, no loans included. Debt free. He received the highest merit award plus additional scholarship money for coming from NJ.

I hope your son loves it if he goes there! Like many private schools, there is a great alumni network. It really is one of the friendliest places I’ve ever lived.

@mom2twogirls Thanks. He felt that way and the new Richter Center, new Swan Business building and the on campus golf course sealed the deal. Both basketball teams had such great years and that attracted him as well. We met lots of alumni with their kids looking at the school as well. Our tour guide had 9 relatives attend.That says a lot.