Scholars day

son got his invitation to scholar’s day. We’ve visited twice now. Is it worth it to go to this event as well?

It is not a duplication of the tour, campus tour is a pretty small part of the day. This a is really focused on how UCF caters to honors students. To the extent that coverage would be helpful it may be worth attending.

Thank you!

Thank you for the info. We signed up but were debating the visit since we already did Knight for a Day but sounds like there is merit in attending.

Me and my daughter are attending the scholars day and the National Merit even the night before…anyone else doing both?

happydad2…caters to Honors Students? Please clarify: scholar’s day is for 1) students who are undecided/not committed to UCF yet? 2) potential members of the BHC? or 3) for commited students?

@Kristinesonja it was by invite only. I think for BHC students. My son also got the Provost scholarship.


I’m not honestly sure. My daughter was invited and she’s BHC so maybe ufalumn1997 is correct.

I don’t really know what is the invite factor? This says admitted students.

I was uncertain because my DS received the invite but is BHC deferred (submitting midterm transcript, etc) and EXCEL accepted. (Received Provost.) Hoping for a better understanding of theevent since we have a date conflict and will have to choose. (Robotics Tournament and Prom March 30, lol)

@HappyDad2 at that link it says:

You’re invited to attend a very special event at UCF.

Scholars Day is an invitation-only program designed for our highest-achieving admitted students. This special day brings together the administration, faculty, staff and students of UCF for a glimpse of what it’s like to be a freshman at one of the largest and most innovative universities in the nation.