Scholars URGENT Question

<p>Hey everyone, I have a question that i need answered as soon as possible. I plan on majoring in earth science/geology/geography at OSU. I am applying to the honors and scholars program and cannot figure out what scholars program to apply to as my first preference. Environment & Natural Resources Scholars is a choice, but that really isnt my interest. I am also interested in engineering, but that does not cover these areas. Here is the list of programs. What should I apply to as my primary scholar program?</p>

<p>Advocates for Children & Education Scholars<br>
Humanities Scholars<br>
Architecture Scholars<br>
International Affairs Scholars<br>
Arts Scholars<br>
Media, Marketing, & Communication Scholars<br>
Biological Sciences Scholars<br>
Mount Leadership Society<br>
Business Scholars<br>
Politics, Society, & Law Scholars<br>
Engineering Scholars<br>
Sport & Wellness Scholars<br>
Environment & Natural Resources Scholars<br>
Health Sciences Scholars</p>

<p>My sons preferences wer: Honors, Biological Sciences Scholars & Engineering Scholars. Keep in mind-this is what the website says regarding choosing your preferences: "The H&S Application encompasses admission to the Honors Program and the 14 Scholars Programs. The application requires that you rank your top three program preferences and indicate a level of interest (i.e., strongly interested, interested, or not interested) in the remaining 12 programs. To learn detailed information about the Honors Program and the 14 Scholars Programs, please explore the University Honors & Scholars Center website. You are encouraged to refrain from applying to a program based solely on your intended academic major. Students are successful in programs that complement rather than directly align with their intended academic major. Please give strong consideration to your program preferences before applying."</p>

<p>It also describes the differences between Honors and Scholars:" The University Honors Program and the Ohio State Scholars Program are specialized programs for high ability students interested in joining academically stimulating, close-knit communities within the larger Ohio State community. Both programs are open to students in any of Ohio State’s 170+ majors. The basic difference between the two programs is that Honors is a curricular program (i.e., the focus is on activities occurring in the classroom) and Scholars is a co-curricular program (i.e., the focus is on activities occurring outside of the classroom)."</p>

<p>Remember as well, if you are in the Scholars program, you are required to live in specific housing the first year. I would look at the housing areas when you choose preferences Scholars:</a> Housing . My son got into the Biological Sciences Scholars and that will work well for him. He wanted North campus and since he will be in some sort of science major, I believe that most of his classes for that will be closer to North campus. </p>

<p>Hope this helps you-</p>