Scholarship Amounts

Hey! I got accepted to Hampton in January. Recently, I received a scholarship from them (10,000 for tuition + 5040 for room per year as long as I meet the GPA requirement). While I am grateful fur this scholarship money, I wonder why I wasn’t awarded for the presidential scholarship which covers tuition, room, and board. The requirements were an SAT score (CR + M only) of 1300-1390 or an ACT of 29-31. I received a 1310 on SATs on the second time but I also sent in my 1st ACT (1280) and 29 ACT. I didn’t send in ACTs though. I’ve already contacted them but I’m wondering if anyone knows if they would ever reconsider awards. I they may have used my first lower score for calculation purposes.

Keep in mind that, in most cases, simply meeting requirements is not a guarantee for a scholarship. I would recommend speaking with the financial aid office. However, in speaking with them I would recommend against suggesting that they made a mistake.

Was the information about your scholarship in your acceptance letter of financial aid package?