Scholarship and other Opportunities for Undocumented Students

<p>Many Blessings. </p>

<p>I start this thread with the goal of having members assemble a list of scholarships and other opportunities available to undocumented students (without a legal immigration status) in the United States. This is a much needed thread due to the fact that many of the opportunities listed throughout this website require citizenship or a legal status in the United States (like the Buick Achievers Scholarship).</p>

<p>I will start:</p>

<p>1) Dream Summer 2013: This is an internship that allows undocumented students and allies (supporters of the undocumented student movement) to work for non-profit organizations working for immigrant rights. Also, you get a $5,000 scholarship! Please be aware that the deadline is this Monday (April 15).</p>

<p>Dream</a> Resource Center | Dream Summer</p>

<p>2) The Adiba Shaby Scholarship Fund (California Area): <a href=""&gt;;/a>. This link is from last year's application, so please e-mail the Fund for the 2013 application.</p>

<p>3) Congressional Hispanic Caucus Internship: Undocumented students who are recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy NOW QUALIFY. </p>

<p>Every Fall, Spring, and Summer CHCI offers expense-covered Washington, DC internships. You can apply for either semesters. Message me if you want more information on this internship!</p>

<p>Selected participants will receive: </p>

<p>Congressional Office or Federal Agency Internship Placement
Great Pay
- $3,750 stipend - Spring and Fall (Twelve Weeks)
- $2,500 stipend - Summer (Eight Weeks)
- Domestic round-trip transportation to Washington, DC
- Housing (All Expenses Covered)
Academic Credit
- Interns may be eligible to receive academic credit at their college or university for participating in the program. </p>

<p>[CHCI</a> Congressional Internship - Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute](<a href=“]CHCI”></p>

<p>4) The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund ($10,000 - renewable every year): available to all students (including undocumented) who have passion for and have experience in working for social change. The Application Form for 2014/15 will be available here in January 2014. </p>

<p>[Davis-Putter</a> Scholarship Fund](<a href=“]Davis-Putter”></p>

<p>5) MALDEF DREAM ACT STUDENT ACTIVIST SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: MALDEF now offers a scholarship to support the nation’s college and graduate student leaders who have been outstanding advocates for the DREAM Act and all immigrant rights. MALDEF will offer scholarships of up to $5,000 each to deserving DREAM Act student activists. </p>

<p>Note: Be on the look out for their 2013 scholarship!</p>

<p>[MALDEF:</a> Scholarship Resources](<a href=“]MALDEF:”></p>

<p>Questbridge is another very valuable resource for undocumented students.</p>

<p>Anyone know of scholarships for Americans who illegally enter other countries? </p>

<p>Does Mexico provide money to people who break its laws? </p>

<p>Any leads would be greatly appreciated.</p>



<p>Please use the search function or start a new thread if you have a question. Also, if you think that College Confidential is a place to subtly express your political opinions, then you are very wrong. Since you are a new member, I will not report you to the moderators but I do want to admonish you that unhelpful and even hurtful/insulting comments are not tolerated. There many political and immigration related online forums. I feel like your opinion (and I respect your opinion since it is your opinion) would be more appropriate if it was expressed in one of those forums. College Confidential is an online forum that aims at creating a discussion relating to matters dealing with higher education as well as serves as a place where people can ask questions relating to college and higher education. Political discussions are not allowed.</p>

<p>Berea College</p>

<p>This school gives full tuition scholarships to each accepted student and some need based aid for room/board/other expenses. In exchange, students work about 15 hours a week. Until a year ago, Berea College did not accept undocumented students because of the work requirement. After President Obama created deferred action, Berea decided to accept DACAmented students since they have a work permit. Now they are treated like domestic students and benefit from a 30% acceptance rate rather than being considered in the international pool with a 4% acceptance rate.</p>

<p>Brief note to remind any eligible kids that they should look into Deferred Action, it is vastly underused (in other words it is estimated that many thousands of kids are eligible but have not applied).</p>

<p>Maybe everyone already knows this, but it came as a total surprise to me. To enroll at ASU you must demonstrate your lawful presence in the country. Eg, file the FAFSA, show passport, etc. I guess this is because of SB1070, but not certain. Don’t know if other Arizona unis do something similar. Or if there are other schools elsewhere in country with checks of this sort. In any case, when making a list of potential schools would be a good idea to check their policies on immigration status. </p>

<p>This is not a positive addition to the thread, but seems like an appropriate place to draw people’s attention to it. Not meant to offend, just neutral info.</p>

<p>They still get over 20% of freshmen as Hispanic even with this restriction, according to 2012 CDS.</p>

<p>Celeste: I though SB 1070 was mostly struck down by the courts. This may be wrong but I am pretty positive about this. I have also heard that Arizona state u’s accept undocumented students if they pay oos tuition.</p>

<p>AH, I see now.It isn’t everyone, only if you want to be classified as instate for tuition or get state aid. D got a scholarship from university. Maybe it came from state indirectly, not sure.</p>

<p><a href=“[/url]”></a></p>