Scholarship App Question, thoughts?

<p>I am filling out this form and one of the questions is: </p>

Do you have any special circumstances that you believe may make you more deserving of a scholarship?


<p>Scholarships are based on academic record, financial need or a combination of both. I'm just not sure what would make anyone more deserving of a scholarship over another other than academics. I mean most kids are pretty broke. I have a good 20K+ in loans to date because this is my second bachelors, but it's not like I am living out of a box or anything. Any mature thoughts on how to approach this question would help a lot.

<p>I think the intent of that kind of question is for you to explain any adversity that you encountered and how you still achieved something despite that. Maybe your academic record isn’t stellar, but in light of some extenuating circumstance, it’s amazing that you were able to do as much as you did (e.g. you were being abused).</p>