Scholarship app question: what year am I (fr, so, jr)?

I was planning to be a comm. college transfer but instead accepted a freshman admission in Fall 2021. Because I have 68 credits, my college designates me an “upper classman” (junior/senior rather than fr/sophomore). For scholarship applications (2022/2023 school year) would I list myself as a sophomore or junior?
Also, would I list my GPA as only based on my university classes, or would I calculate it with my community college classes included?

This is confusing. Did this college accept any of your community college credits? Are you starting from scratch?

Are you currently a high school student.
Are your college credits a result of dual enrollment, taking college credits while still enrolled in high school?

University that I now attend (I started as a freshman this Fall ‘21) accepted all of my transfer credits. So I have 68 semester units completed plus the ones I’m taking now. I know my status within the university will be a junior after this semester. All freshman come in with freshman status but then it gets changed based on total credits earned for each semester after that. Having higher class status basically gets me an earlier class registration date.

For ‘22-‘23 scholarship applications do I list myself as a sophomore or junior? My university will have me listed as a junior because of all my credits but I’m not sure if I should list myself as a sophomore or junior on scholarship applications. This is important because some scholarships are limited to juniors and seniors. But I think the intent of that limit is to help students who are close to graduating. I don’t plan to graduate from this university until Spring ‘25.

I had planned to be a 1 year transfer to a UC in Fall ‘22, until I was accepted as a freshman for Fall ‘21. That is why I took so many community college classes while in high school.

I think you’re a junior. If a scholarship is awarded and then it’s discovered that you have junior standing and 68 credits already, you might get that scholarship revoked if you say you are a freshman. You can always check with the awarding body, but IMO you’re definitely a junior.

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