Scholarship application/resume for fall 2016?

I have already applied for fall 2016 and am trying to see if i need to apply for scholarships. I think in previous years, from what I can tell, people needed to submit a scholarship application. This year when I go to the scholarship website, all it says is that you have to submit the general application. Is this true? Is there a scholarship application or resume needed for fall 2016? Thanks

my son applied on Monday. i believe that after they review the application or receive it than email you to apply to other scholarships and honors college.

am an intl admit. am told the schol apln open oct.15

My son received an email a few days ago and the letter of official admittance follows the email. Than they give instructions on honors and other scholarships. I know you can “peak” at the essay question for honors ( they emailed that) but cannot start until mail confirmation.

What did you all think of Miss St? We are also deciding between Ole Miss and UA. One of these 3 for ME.

@raven2016 It seems like a nice school and I was my top choice at one point but I have since been interested in other schools. The atmosphere is really nice and they have nice facilities but I think it is a litter smaller than I would like and not quite as many social opportunities as other places

Well, good luck!