Scholarship awarded post graduation?

Hi. I was awarded a scholarship in July 2022 after I graduated in May 2022. A couple of weeks later they are now they are taking it away because they thought I was still enrolled. Do I have a leg to stand on to fight this, or do I just let it go? I did graduate Magna Cum Laude :slight_smile:

Is it from your school or an outside source? Either way there is probably a condition that you be enrolled in school for so many credits.

My DD’19 was awarded her usual merit for the 2022-23 school year recently, but she actually is graduating with this current (summer) semester. I know she will not be paid the scholarship. It requires that she be enrolled for 12 credits.

I don’t expect you will benefit from the scholarship if you are no longer an enrolled student. But congrats on your graduation.

If you’re going to grad school and it’s from a private org, ask if it can be applied to any grad school expenses.

Where is it from? My daughter just graduated a year early so won’t get her 4th year $17,000 scholarship, but I believe she’s still eligible for her 4th year outside scholarship for grad school ($1500).

What are the terms of the scholarship? Who is it from? What were you planning on doing with it?

If it’s an award from a school for a student at the school, I can see why it would not be awarded to someone who is not a student. Colleges aren’t in the habit of giving away money for someone to attend elsewhere or just put in the bank.

Any scholarship should have eligibility criteria, making it clear whether you are an eligible applicant.

It sounds like this is for enrolled students…otherwise they wouldn’t be taking it away.

Scholarships from colleges aren’t typically cash awards, just a reduction of costs. Think of it like a “coupon:” no cash value and terms and conditions apply :wink:


Good analogy…and to expand on that thought…if you don’t use the product a coupon is for then that particular coupon is worthless to you.

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